Wednesday, 28 November 2012


There's nothing like a shift at work to put things in perspective and help you get over self pity. I'm still properly narked off at gaining this week as I was hoping to stay on track for my Christmas target, but with a birthday between now and then I think 7lbs might be just a step too far. Anyway - enough grumping, that little + 1/2 is in my book and what's done is done.

When I got back from group, I was totally p*ssed off, I won't lie and I could have just eaten crap for dinner as I had zero motivation, however, that would have achieved absoluely nothing, and so I made myself a lasagne instead. I put tons of veg in it, and served it up with a salad as step 1 for next week is to eat tons of superfree veggies, and there is no time like the present to start.

The lasagne was utterly delicious, but it left me with a quandary. I was planning to eat the whole thing, but it was huge, and so I had just 1/2 a HeA on top. I've decided to split the Healthy Extra today rather than syn it, after checking on the SW website that it would be okay.

Whilst the lasgne was cooking, I made myself be productive and got my munchies ready for work. Instead of leftovers I had something which meant a different HeB for the day (step 2 of the plan of action). I got everything ready and so I could eat dinner, and relax for a little while before heading in.

For first break I indulged in a packet of French Fries, washed down with lots of water. Not really a step 3 as I drink lots of water anyway, but it can't hurt to make sure I have more than my 2 litres a day. Work wasn't too bad tonight though, machines were running well, and Hague was on the email, all things which help to pass the time!

My meal break involved a rather yummy, and varied meal, with Ryvitas, laughing cows, tomatoes and tons of fruit, I guess the sugar in the fruit will keep me going til morning!

I wasn't massively hungry when my final break came around, but I was really tired, so I had my Alpen Light bar in the hope that it would give me that little boost to get me to the end of the shift!

Home at last and I had the hot chocolate that will hopefully drift me off to sleep nice and quickly! I have to be up by 3pm tomorrow, as it's a 12 hour shift, hideous! At least I only have one this week!

Food Diary

Free Food
fat free cottage cheese
lasagne sheets
tinned tomatoes

Healthy Extras
HeA - 4 Laughing Cow light blue cheese triangles
HeA - Split 22.5g reduced fat cheddar & 125ml semi-skimmed milk
HeB - 4 original Ryvitas

2 Mikado                        1
French Fries                    4
White choc Options         2 - I checked online, just the 2 syns, not 2.5 :)
Alpen Light                     3

Total syns                        10

So now it's 6.40am and my hot chocolate is drunk (Thank you Sammy - my SW group are just THE best) and now my blog is done. No more moping, just focus on the coming week! Night night! 

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