Wednesday, 21 November 2012

One Of Those Days

It really has been one of those days. I was planning on getting myself back to work today, as the longer I'm off the worse I feel, but woke up still feeling crappy so didn't go in. I did drag myself out of bed early though, in the hope that I will actually sleep tonight. Add to that the fact that Boo Dog needed to see the vet and you can see why it's been a rather crappy day.

I woke up hungry, but with no inclination to cook, and so resorted to a large cuppa (for a change) and then thought I'd treat myself to a nice sweet breakfast of pineapple, some of it was nice, but quite a lot of it was past it's best *sigh* Yep, one of those days.

After my breakfast, I felt quite nauseas, as has been the norm for this week, but Boo needed to go to the vets so off we went. I had expected some antibiotics, I ended up with ear drops, antibiotics AND shampoo as her problems all stem from her dodgy skin as it's causing little infections to build up and also caused infections in her ears - that's what has caused her ear lump, shaking her ears so much has burst blood vessels. Poor old Bayleigh Boo, and poor old Mummy's purse as that little lot of medication has cost £112, yes, that's £112.....thank goodness they'll wait for payday! As you can guess, it didn't improve my mood much, in fact I got home and all I wanted was a huge, greasy, filthy, Pizza Hut stuffed crust pizza. A million syns worth...I decided to have the leftover stew I should have taken into work today instead.

It tasted very nice, but it wasn't pizza, and it definitely didn't divert my craving, so about an hour later, after Hague had said that if I really wanted pizza that badly I should have it, I decided to try one more diversionary tactic...

Thankfully this one worked, even if it did involve all my healthy extras for the day, but with the cheese being reduced fat I really didn't have to skimp on it, and the massive cheeseyness seems to have done the trick! Well, it has done the trick on the pizza craving, but not on subduing the worms I seem to have today. A couple of hours later and I was hungry again! Thank goodness for free food eh?

I complimented the Quorn roast with a couple of the nibbles from my latest Graze box, both of which were 4 syns, one was a herby bread basket, with lots of crispy little munches, and one was mini basil baguettes with olive oil. Totally gorgeous, although the worms still weren't quite full and so I had dessert too!

Good old Eton Mess, with the last 20 of my mini meringues :( You'll also be pleased to know that I'm finally full! And as it's heading towards 9pm I'll be going to bed soon as well, as come hell or high water I'm going into work tomorrow!

Food Diary

Free Food
left over stew
cherry tomatoes
Quorn roast
fat free yogurt

Healthy Extras
A - 2 x 45g reduced fat Cheddar
B - 2 slices of wholemeal bread (400g loaf)

milk in tea (2)                2
tbsp brown sauce          1
Graze nibbles                8
20 mini meringues         2.5

Total syns                     13.5

Once again, I have failed to pass on the latest Press Play challenge, but I will, I promise, but for now, I have to let my huge dinner go down and get my butt into bed and asleep! Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day - although to be honest, my mood has lifted already, I don't stay miserable for long :)

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