Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Night Owl Mode

So here we are once more, night shift time. The middle week of my rotation, and probably my favourite. Normally I'll try and get a ton of sleep under my belt on Monday so I'm wide awake all night, however, that didn't quite happen today.

Today marked Hague's first day at work in a fair old while. He's got a Christmas job with Royal Mail, and so we'll actually be able to afford Christmas this year :o) He was excited, but nervous too, and so he asked if I would drive him into work instead of just dropping him at the station. Seeing as we'll barely be seeing each other this week, I wans't going to pass up on some Hague time, and so I drove him into Norwich and dropped him off at work.

The plan was then to pop to Tesco to pick up some bits for him to have for lunch at work and then try to get some more sleep. Hmmm what do they say about the best laid plans? Rather than a quick trip to Tesco, I was in there for the best part of 45 minutes as I managed to attract ditherers both at the petrol station and in the shop. Then of course I needed something to eat. I was pretty hungry by now and so did myself a quick breakfast of scrambled eggs on toast with tomatoes and mushrooms before heading up for a nap.

My napping attempts were rather unsuccessful, I did try and nod off for about 30 minutes, but then gave up and watching Twilight (verdict - okay, but not as gripping as the books and I stand by my first instinct, RP and KS are not Edward and Bella). By now it was dinner time, and so that minimal effort favourite came to my resuce.

Jacket spud (one of the actual large ones from the market rather than Asda's laughable "jumbo" potatoes), stuffed with fat free cottage cheese and topped with 90g of reduced fat cheddar. Plus some salad on the side. By the time I'd eaten it was time to get ready for work and head out.

Now, I'm writing this at work, as it's been rather a patchy night. The line has been very start/stop, so I've been quite bored at times. If only I was allowed to have my Kindle on the line! Alas, I'm not, and so I have entertained myself with window shopping online for iPads, trying to find somewhre that is selling them for what I can afford, which is nothing, so I've not had much luck! Anyway, regardless of how the lines are running, I'm always peckish on nights, and tonight was no different. My first break snack was fruit and an Alpen Light, perfectly sweet to act as a sort of dessert to my potato, and boost those energy levels first thing.

Just half a pineapple and a handful of grapes, plus the cherry bakewell Alpen Light. Dinner actually followed on quite quickly, as breaks have been slotted in whilst the lines are idle. I still managed to eat my own brand of freezer ready meal - a Quorn casserole left over which was still rather delicious. So delicious in fact that I had eaten that AND the yogurt before remembering to take a photo - so I'm afraid all I have as photographic evidence of what I'd eaten are the empties! Sorry!

My final break wasn't long after dinner, and so I just had some water and a healthy dose of New Moon before heading back to work. Luckily 5.45am came around quite quickly and home beckoned!

I'm now home, and finishing my blog up with a milky hot chocolate before I head to bed, I'm very weary today and can't wait to get some sleep!

Food Diary

Free Food
kraft fat free italian dressing
fat free cottage cheese
leftover stew

Healthy Extras
A - 2 x 45g reduced fat cheddar
B - 2 slices of wholemeal bread from a 400g loaf

Alpen Light                        3
Shape yogurt                     1/2
Options hot choc               2
200ml semi skimmed milk  5

Total syns                          10.5

I'm quite excited about weighing in later on today, I've been 100% completely on plan, no flexi days, no over syn days, nothing.....it'll be interesting to see how I've fared! However, it's now edging ever closer to 7am and I need my sleep. Night night!

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