Friday, 30 November 2012

Mixing It Up

After Tuesday's gain, I decided that I'd start mixing it up a bit. One of the reasons for this blog was to stop myself falling into a rut of eating the same things so I wouldn't get bored, and as I looked over last week's blogs I realised that my HE's are normally quite similar, and I seem to eat a lot of pasta and potatoes. Now, I love my carbs, so I won't be giving them up, but I'm going to get some different types of food down me. This week, that aim has been mostly aimed at my Healthy Extras and I had a good long look at the Green day HeB's so I could try some different things.

All that has to wait until the shopping is collected later on today though, but I've been doing my best today as well. Although as I woke up late and very tired, I'm afraid my dinner was the very familiar jacket potato!

I just wanted something with no effort as to be honest, I barely had the motivation to get out of bed, let alone actually prepare something! Chucking a spud in the oven is just wonderfully easy, and it is one of my favourites! It was stuffed with 3 LC extra light triangles, then beans, then 45g of reduced fat cheddar. With that eaten, I literally only had time to shower and head to work! I did manage to have a wee bit of time with Hague earlier though when I took him to the station, maybe 20 minutes or so, which was lovely after barely seeing him yesterday, yes I know I'm sad, but I kind of love him quite a lot :)

Anyway, work beckoned, only 8 hours tonight though, so that wasn't too bad, no change for first break though, a good old apple, although today I had a Tango with it. Choices were limited I'm afraid, and I do enjoy Tango, and it is one of the lower synned fizzies as well, just 2.5 syns for the small fridge pack can.

For my dinner, I had the other half of Tuesday's lasagne, it tasted just as nice re-heated, and I also had a very different HeB afterwards (along with a yogurt).

After perusing Healthy Extras, and scouting through the cupboards in the kitchen, I found some apricots, and lo and behold, 75g are a HeB choice on Green. That'll be why they were there lol! It was actually very nice to have a change and I'll be having them again.

Once again, I wasn't hungry for my last break, so just had another 500ml bottle of water, with the 2 pints of squash I had at home, and the 1l of water I've drunk here, as well as my Tango and some water in the car, that's my 2 litres of fluid taken care of, and that's not counting the little bits of water I always have throughout the day. I'm doing my best to limit any damage that Saturday might cause :)

Anyway, with work done, I'm now having a little treat as I wind down and write my blog before heading to bed.

Hot chocolate and an Alpen Light, as I was feeling a bit peckish, and I don't want to not be able to sleep as I'm hungry!

Food Diary

Free Food
baked beans
leftover lasagne (all except the cheese..)

Healthy Extras
A - 45g reduced fat cheddar
A - split - 3 LC extra light triangles and 22.5g of reduced fat cheddar on my lasagne
B - 75g of semi dried apricots

250ml can of Tango                 2.5
Shape crumble yogurt              0.5
Options hot choc                     2
Alpen Light                             3

Total syns                                8

Well now my munchies are eaten, my hot chocolate has been drunk, and my bed beckons! Just one more shift to go until the weekend, and Hague's birthday! I've no idea what we're doing yet, as he's not one for planning ahead, and it's his choice. Whatever we do, I'm still excited though :)

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