Saturday, 24 November 2012

Happy Girl Is Here Again

Ah, the weekend. I love the weekend. Even though I've only managed two days at work this week, I'm rather pleased it's here!

The happiness didn't really start at 4.30am when my alarm went off though - it's insanely, painfully early, and it will never get easier for me! At least it wasn't raining, and at least the house was still standing after what sounding like a monsoon going on last night.

As always, my work food was much of a muchness I'm afraid, although I only ate on two breaks today.

Simple but it does the trick, a sliced apple and a cold bottle of water. The only coffee that is vaguely drinkable at work is the extra white, with extra sugar from the vending machine, and I'm not wasting syns on that, and so water it is - apparently it's just as good as caffeine anyway....

Breakfast was the usual I'm afraid.

I'm sure some people wouldn't be pleased with this banana, but the riper a banana is the more I enjoy them, they are so much sweeter when they're like this, although I accept that the rest of the bananas in this bunch will need eating pretty quick! In the bowl/box is 40g of simply fruity muesli with another banana mixed in, all washed down with yet more water.

On the way home I tried out a new Asda service, Click and Collect. It was rather pleasant just picking up all my shopping rather than fighting my way through the delights of a supermarket on a Friday afternoon, especially as Asda is on the way home anyway, and so the weekend could begin nice and early.

With a kitchen full of fresh veggies and a fridge full of dairy, what else was I going to have? One of my low effort favourites :)

Jacket spud stuffed with cottage cheese and topped with both my HeA's of reduced fat Cheddar. Cheesy-licious :) After neglecting my superfree yesterday, I'm back on board today and so had a salad of baby spinach, cucumber and peppers with my potato. After lunch, bed was calling and so I gave in and headed for a nap.

With a nap done, me showered and Boo bathed....

Can't you just tell how much she loves a bath? She has to have one every other day for a week as well with her medicated shampoo, methinks it will get harder and harder to get her upstairs as the week goes on. Poor Boo!

With everyone clean, the main business of the evening could begin. Relaxing :) After watching TV for a while, the hunger pangs started up again and I decided to have myself a bowl of soup, of course with shopping purchased, we had plenty of variety, but I went for the broccoli and spinach concoction I enjoyed the other day.

Another easy peasy one, onions and garlic softened, then some frozen broccoli, thyme and stock thrown in. Simmered for a while, spinach added and blended. Done :) I melted in 2 of the blue cheese Laughing Cow lights as well, which gave it a lovely creamy texture and another subtle taste. It's SO filling as well, that bowlful absolutely stuffed me, so I have more for the weekend, should I get peckish ;)

The evening has continued in a rather lovely vein, with quite a lot of Tom Hardy on the television (thank you Hague x), and some snacks whilst we watched the film.

A good way to round off the evening, with the grapes to refresh after the soup and the Alpen Light to sort out the sweet cravings. Once the film is done, I think it might just be sleep o'clock, we're heading into town tomorrow and so need to be out of the house at a reasonable hour!

Food Diary

Free Food
fat free yogurt
fat free cottage cheese
red pepper
Kraft fat free salad dressing
stock pot

Healthy Extras
A - 2 x 45g of reduced fat cheddar cheese
B - 40g of simply fruity DC muesli

Milk in tea (2)                                2
2 LC light blue cheese triangles       3
Alpen Light                                    3

Total syns                                      8

Whilst perusing Facebook this evening, I saw a post someone had put up in one of the SW pages, saying that they loved seeing Before and After pictures. Now, my pictures are not quite Before and After, more like Before, and a bit later, but when I put the collage together I was quite surprised to see the difference in myself. Perhaps I should take more regular photos? That is the current Press Play challenge by the way, to take a photo, a nice flattering photo of yourself and put it onto Facebook, then keep a note of all the complimentary comments you get. I'm going to take one over the weekend for that challenge - although I've already experienced the boost of the compliments of a good picture with the debut picture of my new hairstyle, but hey, who can't take more compliments? :)

Anyway, I digress......I shall leave you with my Work In Progress collage, as Slimming World is all about 1/3rds, I present my 1/3 of the way there picture.

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