Thursday, 1 November 2012

Delayed Halloween

Ah, another day closer to the weekend, and no work tonight either as I have a Halloween/Birthday party to go to. But first things first - last night's food :)

I woke up aching all over after my 12 hour shift, hopefully this'll improve as I carry on losing weight, as it's my feet that feel it most. I know the really attractive safety shoes don't help, but neither does the bulk my poor little feet are carrying around! Anyway, aching or not, I had to go to work, and first, I had to have dinner :)

Even though the comment from Hague was "that's not a bloody fry up, you don't have spinach on a fry up" it was gorgeous, exactly what the doctor ordered. Don't you just love a diet where this plate of food is completely syn free? After a quick shower, well not that quick as the pump has stopped working, so it was more of a watery trickle, off to work I went, loaded down with plenty of snackage for the night ahead :)

I was already hungry by the time my first break came around, which was blessedly fast as we were so busy, the phrase "blue arsed flies" comes to mind, I had plenty in my little goodie bag to choose from and went for my banana, Alpen Light, and a fruit tea.

I do like fruit teas, all flavoured teas for that matter. They can make a nice change to squash and I find them very refreshing, and of course they're syn free. This one was a Lipton's raspberry and rosehip one that I'd nabbed from the work canteen when we were on a course last week, very nice :)

My lunch was another generous mix of foods, and for once it actually looked really "diety", not something that happens often with my food, but once again I was craving Ryvita. I know, I'm odd!

The blue cheese Laughing Cow light triangles were really delish on the Ryvita's, and definitely something I'll be having again. They are full of flavour and really creamy - worth a try, especially as they're only £1 at Asda at the mo. With the pineapple, grapes and Shape yogurt it really was a hugely filling lunch, one I'm sure I'll be having again.

By the time my last break was looming all I could think of was a hot bath. I was aching all over after a busy night and my mind was focused on nothing more than the bath, along with a hot chocolate and some Kindle kept me going for those last few hours. In fact I was so pre-occupied that I didn't take a picture of the apple I had for that last break. At that time in the morning multi-tasking is beyond me!

When the time to came home finally arrived, even the miserable, rainy morning that greeted me couldn't get me down. All focus was on that bath, filled with bubbly Radox, and a dirty great hot chocolate.....

Pure bliss. Just what the doctor ordered! Much needed, but even after that soak I was still aching and struggled to get some decent sleep :( Ah well, as I say, no work tonight, so I'll catch up tomorrow!

Food Diary

Free Food
LM sausages (red onion and rosemary)

Healthy Extras
A - 4 blue cheese Laughing Cow triangles, 250ml of semi-skimmed milk
B - 4 original Ryvita's


milk in tea                       1
Shape yogut                    1/2
2 hot chocolates             4
Alpen Light                    3

Total syns                       8 1/2

This evening I shall be indulging in some alcohol, not loads as I have an early start to take Hague to the station tomorrow, and I shall also be doing my best to resist the buffet at the party by having a big dinner before we head out. I'm really looking forward to it, I love an excuse to dress up :)

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