Sunday, 18 November 2012

Blog And Run!

Today has been a Barnsley day. Which means a looooooong day including driving for over 350 miles and being out of the house for around 13 hours. Add to that the fact that it's now nearly 10pm and I have to be up at 4.30am and I hope you can forgive me for a short and sweet blog this evening!

As we always get home starving hungry, we actually planned ahead this time and last night Hague put the ingredients for a stew in the slow cooker meaning all we had to do this morning was turn it on :) I nuked the leftover soup from yesterday and put that in a flask and picked up some Alpen Lights and a banana to keep me going.

I ate an Alpen Light and the banana whilst driving up there (both kindly unwrapped for me by Hague), a bit different to our previous ritual of a HUGE McDonald's breakfast! Once Hague was dropped off at his Mum's to see the boys I headed to Morrisons to pick up my Ringtons tea-bags, and whilst I was in there I picked up some of their Sushi boxes and pineapple as I was already hungry again!

As the huge hunger of yesterday continued unabated I had two boxes of the Sushi, and two of the pineapple. Lovely! The Sushi is only 1.5 syns a box as well. Perfect snacks. After eating I headed to the local shopping centre, which was absolutely packed, and as I didn't have huge amounts to spend, I didn't really feel like wandering around the shops too much. Once I'd got the bits I'd wanted, and spent a lovely time browsing in Lush I headed to the food hall, I was actually looking for somewhere I could sit and nurse a coffee, but nothing jumped out at me so I had something to eat instead.

Much as I wanted some cheese on there as well, I resisted. In fact I resisted quite a lot as I wandered past pretzel stalls, Millie's cookies shops and a new addition from the last time I was there, a Krispy Kreme shop *drools* The nearest I came to caving in was having a skinny frappuccino at Starbucks, and that was only 5 syns.

After my Starbucks I headed back to the car, and spent some time with a cuppa and my Kindle whilst waiting for the boys to be picked up so I could pick up Hague.

With Hague safely in the car, we headed home. We finally got in just after 9pm, and had a delicious stew waiting for us.

With that safely eaten, and this blog hastily written (and another cuppa safely drunk) it's really time for me to head to bed....looks like I'll be getting less than 6 hours sleep tonight already :(

Food Diary

Free Food
baked beans
veggie stew

Healthy Extras
A - 250ml semi-skimmed milk
B - 2 Alpen Lights

Starbucks Caramel Coffee Skinny Grande Frappuccino            5
2 x Morrisons Sushi                                                                 3

Total syns                                                                                8

I guess I could have counted the Frappuccino as part of my milk allowance, but it's easier just to syn it. Sorry for such a short and to the point blog, but my bed is calling. Night my lovelies, and thank you all for leaving such lovely comments over the last few days x

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  1. wow that is a lot of driving hun x have a good sleep and well done on resisting krispys i know i coudnt xx