Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Another Sticky :)

Today has been a very odd day. I woke up with the vestiges of my migraine still hanging about, most notably the nausea and dizzyness. I'm guessing it wasn't helped by the joy of the arrival of "star" week. It meant I wasn't up to work again though :( and so once again I rang in and went to sleep for several more hours.

I woke up at about midday and got myself into a hot bath for a soak whilst Hague checked on Boo who has developed what seems like an abscess on her ear. Not good, but it has been a while since the faulty Miss Boo has cost us a fortune at the vets - it wasn't as bad today though, and so hopefully it'll drain on it's own. She seems okay though, so no need to panic just yet (hopefully). 

After my soak, checking on Boo and losing myself in Twilight for a while it was time to get ready for weigh in. This used to involve throwing on my weigh in clothes and heading out. Now, thanks to Press Play and The Fringe, this involves hair straighteners and make up as well as throwing on my weigh in clothes :) I was hoping for 1lb, but wasn't sure after all, it was a week of a girlie lunch and we had a fair old drink on Wednesday.....but I was pleasantly surprised!

I'd lost another 1.5lbs, to give me a total loss of 4 stone 7.5lbs since mid June. I think chuffed is an understatement :)

I got home to a lovely dinner waiting for me courtesy of Hague. After he had toasted cheese sandwiches earlier today, I needed something cheesey and so pasta it was, loaded up with LowLow and grated cheddar.

There is some veg hiding in there, courgettes and spinach, but I'll be honest, it was mostly cheese and pasta. Delish. At class tonight, one of my lifelines, the lovely Sacha gave me the soup book, so I have no excuse not to try lots of lovely soups in the coming weeks. I can't wait. After dinner I had some pineapple as well, all sliced up for me by the bloody marvellous Hague :)

I'm still really loving the pineapple - and am having it as often as I can, well as often as funds allow! As I have to be out of here by 5am in the morning, and have a 12 hour shift to look forward to, I think you can forgive me for heading off to bed shortly, armed with a hot chocolate made with lots of milk as I've not had any syns today!

Food Diary

Free Food

Healthy Extras
A - 2 x 60g LowLow cheese
B - 45g of reduced fat cheddar cheese

Options white chocolate                      2.5
200ml semi-skimmed milk                   5

Total syns                                           7.5 syns

I know I promised to share the latest Press Play challenge today - but alas, time has got away from me and it's nearly 9pm already, practically bed time! Roll on the weekend (Yes, I realise I haven't been to work yet....)


  1. Glad your feeling better today hun hopefully tomorrow you will be more like yourself xx well done on getting your next award I am very proud of you xxx

  2. I ate a whole pineapple for lunch one day and it made my tongue go numb *lol*