Tuesday, 27 November 2012

A Quick Cry For Help!

An extra wee blog for you, but this time it's your help I want! At weigh in today I had a gain, only a small one of 1/2lb but obviously that's now made my Christmas target look that little bit further away. So....friends and readers, old and new, if you have the time, could you look over my last week of blogs and see if you can spot anything that might have slipped in? Or of course just any general advice on how to kick-start me again for a loss next week.

Thank you all xx

(Today's proper blog will be up after work tomorrow morning!)


  1. do you drink enough water or due the dreaded star week x this week try this challenge 2 litres of water per day and 15 sf foods

  2. Your food always looks lush, but perhaps you need to vary it a bit to give your metabolism a kick? I had one of my best losses when I had a week of introducing some new meals and varying my breakfasts. Don't worry too much though, it could simply be a fluctuation that will right itself next week. Keep your eye on the bigger picture - you've done amazingly well and will continue to do so :-) xx