Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Where Have You All Come From?

I'm a bit nosy, so I like to have a look at the views on my blog, see if anyone has bothered passing by today, see if I'm getting close to a hundred or two hundred views. Today however, it's all gone a bit nuts! The last time this happened was when the Slimming World twitter account (@slimmingworld) retweeted my blog, but that hasn't happened today. For some reason over 600 of you have taken the time to have a read of my weight loss journey today. I hope you've liked what you've read, and I hope you'll pop back. If you want to make sure of keeping up to date with my ramblings you can find me on Facebook (just search for The Slimming World Files) or follow me on Networked Blogs. If you have a blogger account of your own, just add my url to your followed blogs and voila, you'll never miss another update about cheese, me being tired, or my daft animals again! :)

Anyway, enough of pimping out my blog, and back to the important stuff, what I've eaten today. Which once again has been quite a lot, as I'm still have hungry days practically every day! 

As you may have noticed I do have a weakness for a cooked breakfast, and today was no exception! Some quorn sausages, eggs on toast and a mix of mushrooms, cherry tomatoes, chopped tomatoes and spinach. Delish! Hague had decided on a quiet day after a busy few days up in Barnsley, so meals were going to be minimal effort, and do you know something, he hasn't cooked for me once since he's been back. Shocking!

Lunch was my stew from the other day, re-heated. If anything it tasted better than the first time round, with the flavours coming out nicely from the rest in the fridge!

I still have another portion left as well. I'm sure slow cooker mystery dish will become a staple during winter, if I can handle all the bloody chopping :) I've picked up some ideas on Facebook today as well for more nice comfort dishes as the weather gets colder. An hour or so after lunch I fancied something picky and so treated myself to some grapes. They are dangerous little buggers though, I can quite easily eat a whole bunch whilst losing myself in a book.

Despite still having my HeA's intact, I didn't fancy anything cheesey tonight as so I went down the Oriental route, although not a very involved one. 

I just fried off some onions, pepper and quorn steak strips in some wok fry light and then mixed them into some sweet chilli supernoodles, super quick and very tasty. I've never fried anything in the wok fry light before, but it definitely added a certain something to the noodles. I had a banana too as I'm not sure the peppers and onion quite added up to a third of my meal.

Food Diary

Free Food
leftover stew

Healthy Extras
A - 250ml semi-skimmed milk
B - 2 slices of wholemeal bread from a 400g loaf

3 Quorn sausages                 3
Hot chocolate                      2
Alpen Light bar                    3

Total syns                            8

Due to my lack of HeA's today, I'm going to treat myself to a milky hot chocolate again before bed. As they were on offer I have a wonderful variety of Highlights and Options to choose from for later, and I'll have a cheeky Alpen Light bar too. It sent me off to sleep lovely last night, so hopefully it'll do the trick again tonight.

I've also decided that I need to have an awards page for my blog, where I can share pictures of my certificates - after all I'm rather proud of them :) I'm also going to share with you, every day, one of the reasons I want to lose weight, as there are many of them, and perhaps having them in writing on this blog will keep me inspired and motivated.

Reason #1 (in no particular order btw)

I follow Alice Pyne on Twitter (@Alice_Pyne). A couple of years ago this 15 year old set up a bucket list of things she wanted to achieve before she lost her fight with cancer. She has achieved that bucket list, and has also set up a charity in her name. She is just awe-inspiring and when I first started following her I wanted to sign up for the Bone Marrow Register, as that's her dream, to have everyone capable of registering to do so. I discovered I weighed too much, and so as soon as I drop below the maximum weight I shall be registering. If you're able to, please register, and help save lives. 

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  1. Hmmm just a thought if you like the oriental thing. I use a lot of thai 7 spice powder, I don't usually recommend Shwartz as they are expensive but got to be almost calorie free and great with the addition of some chopped ginger. I'm guessing a huge plate of stir fry veggies with a few egg noodles has to be pretty sin free? My boys love it, but we do it with a little chicken or loin of pork :/ Ang x