Sunday, 14 October 2012

The Day After

First things first, lets get last night out of the way! It was a good call to save my HeB as I was rather peckish at around midnight and could treat myself to a rather perfect snack.

A fried egg stuffed in a pitta bread - no 1/3 superfree, but hey, it's better than a pizza :) After taking a look at the vodka bottle it looks like I managed to put away half of it, which means that yesterday's syns were a not so terrible 35, which I'll easily compensate for by Tuesday.

So, with the full extent of my flexi damage admitted to, let's get on with today! Perhaps not surprisingly after a night of drinking, we went to bed quite late, and were up late as well. I felt fine though, more than up to the task of sorting out myself a delicious breakfast. I may have eaten it at 5pm, but as far as I'm concerned it was breakfast :)

Unsurprisingly, today was yet another hungry day, and so breakfast was rather swiftly followed by lunch. By this time Hague had retired back to bed and so it was enjoyed in front of the Great British Bake Off - can't wait for the final on Tuesday, I'm backing James to win :) Anyhow....lunch....

Not the hugest of lunches, but it was washed down with two huge cuppas as well. The Asda dessert style crumble yogurt wasn't too bad actually, not as nice as the Shape one, but this one is syn free. I used my unexpected alone time very productively - watching Come Dine With Me lol. It wasn't too long before Hague re-joined me anyway, and then I deserted him to make some dinner.

I had come across lots of ideas on various Facebook pages today, but in the end went for the lazy girl option of pasta, slathered with an entire tub of good old LowLow and with plenty of courgettes and tomatoes mixed in. I added in some oregano too, I do like a sprinkling of that on cheesey dinners. I'll make more effort tomorrow.

I really fancied something sweet after dinner though, and so had my current favourite, Eton Mess. This time I have found an alternative meringue though, and you can have 10 for 1.5 syns! Yes you read that right! 10 meringues for 1.5 syns....

Okay, so they're teeny, weeny ones, but absolutely perfect for an Eton Mess, and as they were an Aldi special they were just 99p as well. You can't go wrong can you really? Apparently there are 80 shells in a tub, so you could stuff yourself silly with them for 12 syns. Can't be bad!

So now dessert is eaten, and once it's gone down it will be time to head upstairs for a bath, then bed. I'm definitely going to start up with some Body Magic again during this coming week - it has been neglected for far too long whilst I've been ill and I'm finding myself feeling very sluggish. Not good!

Food Diary

Free Food
Asda dessert style yogurt
forest fruits
fat free yogurt

Healthy Extras
A - 2 x 60g of Low Low (a tub)
B - 2 Aldi Harvest Moon Benefit bars

3 Quorn sausages      3
2 cups of tea (milk)    2
Mini meringues (20)   3  

Total syns                   8 

I'm going to try and rein in the syns for the next few days due to the excess of vodka yesterday, although that 2.5lb loss is looking distinctly difficult right now, but who knows what'll happen between now and Tuesday? 

Reason #4
Heels. I have so many pairs of beautiful heeled shoes, all of the utterly gorgeous, and while I weigh this much, all utterly unwearable :(
Being this heavy means that wearing a high heeled shoe is just too painful, there's just too much weight concentrated on too small an area. When I'm smaller, I can wear them - and so there you have yet another reason for me to keep on my journey :)

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  1. ooh so going to have to get some of those mini meringues! :D great post.