Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Some Good Things About Work!

Yes, you read the title right. This week I have noticed some good things because I've been at work, amazing as that may sound :)

The first Good Thing, was on Monday morning when I grabbed my work trousers in my half awake daze, with my eyes practically closed I'd picked up my old trousers that were too small. I gave them a go anyway, and they fit me. In fact they were a tad too big. One hell of a rather lovely boost for a Monday morning! The second Good Thing was how much easier I found it climbing up the steps at work. I'm not talking about the 4 floors worth that I'd have to climb to get to the production floor, these are quite a hefty set of steps going from the factory from the car park, and I'd usually stop for a breather half way or be really out of breath at the top. When leaving on Monday I noticed that although I was out of breath at the top, it was nowhere near as bad as it had been. Definite progress in my fitness levels then!

Back to today though! I was really tired this morning after staying up too late to finish off my latest book (Stephen King's 11/22/63 - which is fantastic, if you like reading give it a go), and so struggled through work. The food was the usual fare for an early shift I'm afraid, fruit, Benefit bars and muesli soaked in yogurt. 

I'm also afraid that I only have a photo of my first break snack as I was starving by breakfast time and ate my breakfast with no regard whatsoever for the need for a photo for my dear blog readers (sorry, but it looked pretty much the same as yesterday...) I also spent my time constructively, searching the App Store for one that would record my bike rides on the exercise bike. I'm now all set to get on with some body magic and record it - just got to get on it now...

Once work was done, I headed home to a promised, and much needed huge cuppa and a huge cuddle :) After the cuppa, I had my lunch, which was yet another Hague special :)

It was GORGEOUS, no other words for it. Just perfect for a gloomy, miserable day!

Sausage and Bean Slow Cooker Casserole
4 Linda McCartney rosemary and onion sausages
tin of beans
tin of tomatoes
tin of chickpeas
tin of carrots
tin of kidney beans
knorr vegetable stock pot 
1/2 a tin or so of water

Now pay attention, this is a bit complicated.....chuck that lot in the slow cooker on high for a couple of hours. Yep, that's it :) It made plenty for that big bowl, another smaller bowl which I've just eaten for dinner, and I have another portion left to take into work. It's a pretty good store cupboard special as well (as you can see from all the tinned ingredients).

I polished off my second portion of casserole for dinner, and followed it up with a couple of Shape yogurts. I only have apple crumble ones left now as I ate all the rhubarb ones first :(

Surely I can't be the only person that wishes yogurt multi-packs came in only one flavour? At the end of last week I had 8 apple crumble yogurts left, and no rhubarb. It'd be nice just to be able to buy the rhubarb ones! 

I'll round off tonight with a milky hot chocolate as I've not had a HeA and yet another early night. Roll on 2pm Friday!

Food Diary

Free Food
fat free yogurt
chopped tomatoes
knorr veggie stock pot
kidney beans
baked beans
LM sausages

Healthy Extras
A - 250ml semi-skimmed milk
B - 40g DC simply fruity muesli

Benefit bar            3
Shape yogurts       1
Options hot choc   2

Total syns              6

I really missed not being able to go to class yesterday. I love seeing everyone, and seeing how they got on. I love hearing about new recipes people have tried, and new ideas for exercise and food. It looks like I'll have to miss next week too as I have to work another 12 hour shift on Tuesday. Short term, I can cope without going to group, but I know that if I stopped going to group I'd struggle, as I can start feeling less determined without that weekly boost of wonderful enthusiasm! Plus, I really want that 4 stone sticker sooner rather than later!

Reason #14
Chairs. When you're slim, you walk into a bar/cafe/restaurant/whatever and the type of chair doesn't even cross your mind, you just choose where you want to sit, and well, sit. When you're of the more squishy persuasion it's not that easy. Chairs can be a bloody minefield. Is it sturdy? Does it have arms? Will those arms allow your ample arse to squeeze between them? Will it make some ominous noises as you lower yourself carefully down? Then you have the problem of easing yourself back out of the thing once you've squeezed yourself in. Marks from the arms of chairs on your hips and thighs is not the sexiest of looks. Oh to wander around, go for a coffee or meal and have no interest whatsoever in what the chairs are like, as you know your bum will fit perfectly! Which mine will when I'm at target :)

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  1. Those crumble yoghurts are yummy! I love both flavours but also lean more towards the rhubarb one too :)