Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Ringing The Changes (Sort Of)

I've tried to have a bit of a shake up of my food today. I am starting to feel like I'm starting to get a little bit stuck in a rut with what I'm eating, and so have made a bit of a effort to go with something a little bit different.

When you have a crappy nights sleep, you don't really feel overly adventurous, but Hague offered to make my breakfast despite having even less sleep than me. I know it's not much of a shift but it's different to a fry up....

Good old magic pancakes, topped with apple, banana, natural yogurt and a tbsp of honey. A really delicious start to the day, and if you haven't tried these yet you really have to, they taste amazing and feel like such a treat despite this plateful only containing 3 syns (1/2 for the yogurt and 2.5 for the honey)

We had to head out to the shops today, despite the rain as we were getting rather low on fresh food - and Hague wanted to see if Asda had anymore reduced fish as he's rather enjoying that at the moment. Whilst out I made the startling discovery that fingernails can hear! As we were leaving Asda, I commented to Hague that as all my nails were reasonably long I might paint them (a rarity). By the time we'd left Aldi (about 10 minutes later) I'd split two of them. How is that even possible? I guess it's short painted nails for me instead!

When we got in I was rather hungry, and decided on something of a fakeaway(ish). I didn't want to spend ages in the kitchen though, so went for a touch of convenience. You don't have to give up those quick and easy shortcuts on Slimming World, a lot of sauces are surprisingly low syn.

This Aldi sauce is just 3.5 syns for 100g, which was more than enough sauce for me to cook a fair amount of veggies in. Really not bad at all if you just want a quick and easy dinner. I rounded off the meal with some Quorn sticky fillets and sweet chilli SuperNoodles :)

So a bit of an Asian theme for tonight's dinner, and very tasty it was too. Plus, with Quorn on offer at the moment (3 for £5), and Batchelors products such as SuperNoodles also on offer at 50p each, Asda is the place to be for saving savvy Slimming Worlders at the moment!

After a lovely long soak in a very hot bath, I had managed to get hungry yet again. I still had a HeA to use up, and for some reason the idea of a Greek style salad crossed my mind.

Strangely enough, for a bloody cold and very rainy day, it really hit the spot. Perhaps it reminded me a bit of the Summer that has most definitely gone for good. Still, there's Christmas to look forward to now eh?

A few grapes as I'm typing, and a milky hot chocolate before bed and that's me done for the day (still not managed to get my blog published before midnight though - sorry!)

Food Diary

Free Food
fat free natural yogurt
low fat supernoodles
Quorn sticky fillets
Kraft fat free dressing

Healthy Extras
A - 250ml semi-skimmed milk, 50g Feta cheese
B - 35g oats

Shape apple crumble yogurt          1/2
1 tbsp of honey                             2 1/2
black bean sauce (100g)               3 1/2
hot chocolate (options)                  2

Total syns                                     8 1/2

This silly little blog has hit some more milestones today too. Over 20,000 views. Over 100 Facebook likes (want to be another one? Well just click right here) and yesterday I had my highest ever daily views with over 800 people popping in to see what I'm up to (and eating - eek!). So once again, I feel like I have to say a sincere Thank You to all of you. You keep me going! Speaking of keeping going, it's weigh in once again tomorrow. I really want 2.5lb to get that next shiny sticker and certificate.....wish me luck!

Reason #9
Bath Towels.
Yes, you read that right, bath towels. When you're bigger, even a bath sheet is reduced to a type of thigh high split towelling dress. It'd be nice to just be able to buy bog standard bath sheets, not pay a bloody fortune for the rather luxurious extra large bath sheets just so you don't look like you're heading to an Essex nightclub in a rather unfortunate towelling outfit!

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