Friday, 26 October 2012

Press Play

Oh Friday, how I love thee :) At the moment, Friday is the last day of my working week all the time, not more pesky early Saturdays until Christmas. It's been a struggle, but I've got through the week, in fact today I even got up an hour before my alarm clock went off! I know! So up I was, at 3.30am, feeling hungry and so I treated myself to breakfast(ish) before work and a large coffee.

I know there's not superfree, and I know it's quite a bizarre breakfast, and yes I did have the beans cold straight from the tin (they taste better that way), but it calmed down the hunger pangs which is the whole point.

Work wasn't shaping up to be great, I managed to forget my apple and we'd run out of cereal bars, which meant that I only had my breakfast to keep me going. As I said yesterday I mixed it up a bit today as the muesli was getting a bit boring, so I asked Hague if he could create an eclectic concoction for me.

It looks a bit odd, but it was really nice. It's a courgette and mushroom omelette, chopped up, mixed with cottage cheese, cherry tomatoes and cheddar. I was inspired by a member of my Slimming World group who had posted pictures of his Breakfast in a Box on the FB page, so I pondered how I could make a veggie version. It worked! I'll be having it again to break up the monotony of muesli, and I still haven't managed to make magic pancakes for my work breakfast. As I'd been up so early, it was most definitely nap time when I got in, especially as I'd spent my whole shift cleaning (more Body Magic!). After nappage it was bath then dinner. Hague was having lamb chops and new potatoes, so I had something along the same theme.

Quorn BBQ sticky fillets with new potatoes and a huge pile of broccoli and cauliflower topped with lots of cheddar cheese. Yum. As I'd had no syns today I decided to splurge on some vodka, I'm not flexing today, but I can still have 6 measures for my 15 syns, but as I'm drinking them on the rocks that'll be plenty.

Now for my intriguing new challenge. I have many Facebook friends who I've gained due to Slimming World, both through this blog and the many groups on there. One of those messaged me today. Becky gave me the link to a blog written by one of her group members, Kate. She has come up with a wonderful idea called Press Play to change the way we view our confidence and weight loss and getting to target. Take a read at her blog and if it rings a chord with you, join up as I have and together we can build our confidence and help ourselves make our weight loss journey an even more positive move.

Read Kate's inspirational blog HERE

Of course, I plan on blogging about the daily challenges right here, and I'm quite excited to see what they are, as I'm just as in the dark as the rest of you!

Food Diary

Free Food
fat free cottage cheese
cherry tomatoes
Quorn BBQ sticky fillets
new potatoes
baked beans

Healthy Extras
A  - 2 x 45g of reduced fat cheddar
B - As of now, I've not had one, but I will later, it may take the form of a pitta bread, Alpen lights or some bread, but I'll update when it's nommed :)

6 25ml measures of vodka   15

Total syns                            15

I'm planning on really enjoying my vodkas, and whatever snack I can turn my HeB choice into later tonight, after all it's Friday!

Reason #16
Elmo. Yes, the weird little red thingum from Sesame Street. I love him lots and I have quite a few toys and a hat. One thing that eludes me is any Elmo clothing as most comes in rather small sizes, and even if I could squeeze into them I'd not feel comfy in such tight t-shirts. However, one of my wonderful Lushie Facebook friends commented on one of my weight loss statuses asking what clothes size I was now, she also asked for my address. I was over the moon to receive an awesome t-shirt in the post, in a size much closer to target than I am now (which was deliberate). So now I have yet another piece of clothing I'm going to get into sooner rather than later and I can't wait! So thank you so much Joan, you are simply awesome!

I'm rather looking forward to posting pictures of me in my Amazing Elmo T-shirt :) I shall leave it there for today, and I hope to see lots of you signed up for Press Play!


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    1. Ah, tis cos Hague always uses the small side of the grater, if it's big hefty bits of grated cheese, that'll be me :)

  2. Glad its not just me that likes to eat cold beans from the can :D