Thursday, 18 October 2012


No really, today's blog is not very Slimming World friendly, turn away now! On the plus side, the only meal I've eaten today is lunch. Although that lunch was one of my monthly girlie lunches with my Mum and Sister. This month it was my Sister's choice and we headed to Giardinos in Lowestoft, oh the menu looked good. Really good.

The girlie lunches are not conducive to being healthy.....Seriously, if your willpower is wavering, look away now!

The starter could sort of be argued that it was on plan. Ish. It was a field mushroom topped with tomatoes and goats cheese, it'd be all my healthy extras, but I reckon I could get away with that, after all there was salad too.

It all started to go a bit wrong with the main course. There were 4 vegetarian options, a Quorn lasagne, which would have been the healthier choice, but I really didn't fancy it, a salad, which would have come with more goats cheese, mozzarella AND parmesan, so not exactly healthy, a goats cheese, tomato and olive pizza or a veggie calzone. As you can see I went for what was probably the worst choice, Slimming World speaking, the calzone. I have pixelated it. It's just too damn filthy. Honest. Don't look.

The inside, to be fair, doesn't look so bad, tons and tons of veggies, not such a thick crust really, and some marscapone. Still hideously, hideously synful, but it's only once a month!

Yeah.......I had dessert too. A chocolate pot with coffee and almond sponge. I won't lie, it was to die for. I think we can safely write off today as any kind of on plan today! I did have diet coke though ;)

On a more positive note, both my Mum and Sister both said it was noticeable how much weight I'd now lost, and that my jeans are hanging off me. Proud Mummy even told the waitress that I'd lost nearly 4 stone - quite what she thought as she was told that as she handed over a calzone the size of a small child I'll never know!

I think I'll leave the food diary today, not very helpful to all you lovely Slimming World peoples. I reckon the syns are hovering around the 100 mark though....I think the phrase here is whoops....but, I'm always going to be honest with you, even when the day is flexi with a capital F.

Shall we end with a reason? The reason that I shall be right back, 100% on plan in the morning?

Reason #12
Being a sweaty betty. This is one of the worse things for me :( Any moderate physical activity will make me all hot and sweaty. Red-faced and moist is never a good look, add to that being out of breath and it's something I find hard to deal with. Even if I'm happy whilst doing the walking or whatever, I'll stop and start sweating. Yuck.
The more I lose, the more I hope the hot and bothery "look" will be no more!

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