Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Hard Day's Night

Oh that was a long night. I know a 12 hour shift by definition is long, but some feel longer than others. I got home and was absolutely shattered, no hot chocolate or chill out time for me, just straight to bed. I'm STILL tired. Oh well, back to work in another couple of hours! 

Anyway, enough whinging - you're here to read about what I ate, not hear me moan about how tired I am (for a change). As always, Hague did my dinner for me :)

Yes, there are 3 potatoes on that plate. When you order a pack of jacket potatoes you expect them to be on the large side, surely I'm not alone in that? However when Asda delivered this week's potatoes, 2 bags of white potatoes and a bag of jacket potatoes, the only way we could tell the difference was by the writing on the bag...bit of a fail there Asda. Hence me having three of them lol! They were topped with both my HeA's of cheese, some cottage cheese and as you can see, served up with tomatoes and gherkins. Lovely.

And so to work, after barely 90 minutes spent with Hague :( The traffic was abysmal as well, so the journey that usually takes around 25 minutes took me over an hour, which made me late. Great start! At work, we were running the product I hate, which causes problems almost constantly, and did so for the full 12 hours. Yuck....anyway, I'm moaning again, and you're here for the food! (sorry!) At my first break I was already hungry and so polished off my banana with a can of Tango, pretty good syn-wise for a sugary drink at just 2.5syns for 250ml.

Being on a 12 hour shift means that I get two half hour breaks and for my first break I had a lovely fruit salad, with grapes, pineapple and apple, plus a yogurt. It was surprisingly filling, and kept me going for longer than I expected.

That half hour break marked the end of the extra hours and the start of my "normal" shift. Which I'll not dwell on as it was hard going. Once again I did fit in my body magic though - a mile in 20 minutes today. Sometimes having a large factory and the need to collect pallets from one place and bring them to another is very useful. Am feeling it today though (ouch). 

Another quick break, and this time I just had a quick Alpen Light bar. As you can see, this is definitely my strategy for night shifts. Little and often. I'd rather take too much in in the way of snacks than spend the night hungry - and I do really like the cherry bakewell Alpen Lights. Sorry Slimming World, I'll stick with 2 of these for a HeB rather than your own Hi-Fi's :)

For my second half hour break, batch baking came to the rescue, I had the rest of the sausage casserole that Hague had created last week, although I'd obviously eaten all the sausage in the first sitting as this was definitely a vegetable casserole, still delish though. Even if it wasn't defrosted after 9 hours out of the freezer! Thank goodness for microwaves!

After that mahoosive meal I was done for the evening, and just had some much needed water at my last break. I have never been so relieved to get home, fortified with my other Alpen Light bar on the journey, and just get myself into bed. I zonked out practically straight away, not a surprise really. So there you have the not overly interesting tale of last night. Catch you tomorrow! :)

Updated to include my Food Diary...told ya I was tired ;)

Food Diary

Free Food
fat free cottage cheese
cherry tomatoes

Healthy Extras
A - 2 x 30g of cheddar
B - 2 Alpen light bars

milk in tea                      1
250ml can of Tango       2.5
2 Shape yogurts             1

Total syns                      4.5

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