Monday, 29 October 2012

Confidence Boost!

After not being able to stop eating yesterday, today has been a wee bit calmer! Despite still being awake at 5am (6am in Summer money) I got up just after 1 this afternoon and got myself going with a couple of mugs of tea. I really am a bugger for doing that - I really should eat first thing rather than just having tea! Bad habit really.

Hague isn't feeling too clever today, so only minor activity was managed, a visit to Asda. I'm sure most ladies will sympathise with me over the greasy hair dilemma. Hague wanted to get the shopping done quickly and get home, and so I didn't have time to shower first - what's a girl to do? Luckily there IS a solution.....

I'm a bit of a hat-lover anyway, but there's no better excuse to get one out than to cover up greasy locks ;) Note the slimmer face, it's always one of the first places I lose from, and the jeans I put on today were also noticeably loose. It meant that despite it being a quick trip, I actually felt quite good whilst we were out. It's a rather nice feeling :)

Once we were in from Asda, my mind turned to something to eat, understandably. I'd managed to pick up the new blue cheese Laughing Cow light triangles in Asda, which were on offer for £1 for 8, and are 4 for a HeA or 1.5 syns each, and had planned on having something involving them. However, after a perusal of my SW FB group, I saw a post by the lovely Sacha about her delicious Sunday dinner and that was my mind made up! I got it all prepped and in the oven and then decided that after 8 days of sitting forlornly in the middle of the living room it was time to finally get on the exercise bike!

 I had planned on riding for 15 minutes, however I only managed 11. Yes, I'm that unfit! Still, it's 11 minutes more than I did yesterday, and it's a good first step on the path to some regular exercise. Not a bad bike for a lovely freebie either! With exercise done it was finally time for my delicious dinner.

And it really was delicious, and all of that was one syn! Rosemary roasted potatoes, cauliflower cheese, carrots and Quorn roast all liberally doused with minty veggie gravy. Damn it was good! The syn was just for the tablespoon of mint sauce, so it could have easily been left as syn free if you're not a fan of mint sauce. The cauliflower cheese was of course made with 60g of Low Low cheese spread, and the gravy was a knorr vegetable stock pot, made up with just a small amount of water. Hague went for the non-diet option of a large bag of skips and some chocolate. He's not on Slimming World ;)

Following such a huge dinner, it's traditional on a Sunday to have a bit of a nap, and so I succumbed, not such a bad thing as I'm on nights next week. Once I was awake, and had some more tea inside me, I felt hungry once more. It seemed a good idea to put the rest of my Quorn roast to use and have a bit of a cold tea.

I added some pickled gherkins, cherry tomatoes, a dollop of cottage cheese and 4 of the new Laughing Cow triangles, which were absolutely gorgeous by the way. If you like blue cheese, you'll love these. I'm looking forward to having a bit of an experiment with them over the next week (shifts permitting). 

It might be late, but I have to stay up even later, and so I've decided to give a different version of magic soup a go. I tried this ages ago, but the recipe I got from my consultant was 2 tins of chopped tomatoes, a tin of beans, 1/2pt of stock and 4 silverskin onions. The recipe I've seen around quite a lot on the varied SW groups is a tin of beans, a tin of tomatoes, a tin of carrots and the pickled onions. Seeing as I had the half tin of carrots left from my dinner earlier, I thought I'd give it a go, especially as it could just heat up on the hob whilst we watched Saw:The Final Chapter. I say watched, Hague watched, I hid behind my laptop. A lot. Tomato soup wasn't the cleverest choice....

Despite all the exploding heads and flying limbs on the TV, I did manage to polish off the soup. I did enjoy it, but I'm not sure it's as good as my previous attempt, but I may have gone overboard by adding 2 onions as they were normal pickled onions and not silverskins. It was still nice though, and I have some to eat on shift next week as well.

As I haven't had anything sweet all day, I needed to satisfy that craving and it was to rhubarb yogurt I turned. One day I shall make this into ice-cream, but once again I've decided to just eat it. I can't resist when it's in the fridge :) And just for the record, I don't share hehe!

As you may have noticed there's an Alpen Llight bar there too, I thought I'd treat myself to some syns too, why not, it's what they're there for after all!

Food Diary

Free Food
Quorn roast
pickled gherkins
cherry tomatoes
fat free cottage cheese
tinned tomatoes
baked beans
Asda fat free rhubarb and vanilla yogurt

Healthy Extras
A - 250ml of semi-skimmed milk, 60g of LowLow cheese spread
B - 4 blue cheese Laughing Cow light triangles (in the latest magazine it just states that 4 are a Healthy Extra, I'm presuming on green that means I can have them as a B choice too...?)

1tbsp of mint sauce             1
Alpen Light bar                   3
Hot chocolate                     2

Total syns                           6 syns

When we head up to bed, I'll take a hot chocolate to use the last of my milk allowance, and hopefully I'll have a big long sleep to get me ready for Monday night. As you may remember, that means that I won't be publishing a blog tomorrow night, instead, I'll post the blog for Monday's food on Tuesday afternoon/early evening when I get out of bed. Such are the joys of shift work!

Reason #18
Confidence. When you're big, you hide yourself, well I do. Be it in dark, baggy clothes, or in a quiet nature you find yourself blending into the background, and it's all through choice. I do both, my clothes are all baggy, my tops are all long enough to cover right down over my thighs, and all cover my arms. I am not going to be that person anymore. I'm going to be me. It was great today to pull on some clothes, some quite quirky clothes if I'm honest, including a hat and feel damn good about it. I like the real me, the me that's been hidden under layers of insecurity and fat for far too long, and it's rather nice to feel myself coming back, slowly but surely.

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