Saturday, 22 September 2012

The Flu Diaries (Part 2)


I think that sums up the last week. Once again, I feel well enough to type a blog just when I should be celebrating. Today, my wonderful cousin, Gary, is marrying his lovely fiancĂ©e Laura, of course we were invited, and I'd been looking forward to it for months.

However, when achievement is still measured in managing to make it downstairs, you're not ready to inflict yourself on the world and so yet another fabulous celebration in our oh so empty social diaries goes unattended. It's really not helping my general mood either, as I was so desperately upset to have to tell the happy couple that we wouldn't be there.

A definite improvement has been made in the last few days though. My fever finally broke on Thursday, and being able to sleep more comfortably has really helped. I'm still quite achey in my muscles and joints, and although my headache and stiff neck has all but gone, the lethargy is unbelievable, just walking from the toilet to the bedroom is enough to leave me shattered. But I feel the worst is now over (thank goodness).

I have been doing my best to eat, even though my stomach is protesting at having any food in it whatsoever, but I need to eat to get better, so I'll keep going, whether my stomach likes it or not. Obviously Slimming World is not at the forefront of my thoughts, I'm just eating what my body is craving, but I am making sure to at least try and have some HE's with my meals, and not go mad on fatty foods. My staple has been poached eggs on wholemeal toast. I have been having orange juice and some smoothies, purely has Hague was worried about me not eating anything, and they're a quick way to get some sugar, energy and vitamins in me! Most days I've been only managing one meal, but I'm hoping that over the next few days I can build on that and start to build up my strength and energy, ready to return to work.

Thanks for sticking with me, hopefully the gaps between blogs won't be quite so long now, and hopefully I'll be back on plan sooner rather than later! 

Thank you for all the kind messages and comments - they all helped x

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