Sunday, 16 September 2012

The Flu Diaries (Part 1)

I'm not happy today. If anything I feel worse than yesterday, and as I write this in a blessed moment of pain free clarity thanks to my good friends patacetamol and ibuprofen, I should actually be well into double figures of mojitos, long island iced teas and various other delicious cocktails at a fabulous party. But I'm not, I'm in bed, dying. In fact Hague was so concerned about me we've been talking to nurses and doctors to make sure it is "just" flu and not meningitis!

As I'm sure you can appreciate, food hasn't been high on the agenda today, but for what it's worth, here's what I've had :)

Scrambled eggs and mushrooms. A banana, apple crumble and honey ice cream creation by Hague (2 syns a portion) and my unwell standard of weetabix, although I had it topped with sugar in case my murderous headache was caused by a sugar crash. It wasn't. :(

The ice cream was 3 tubs of shape apple crumble yogurt, plain fat free yogurt, a chopped banana, some sweetener and a tablespoon of honey. Mixed together and thrown in the ice cream maker.

I thought it was too sweet, Hague thought it wasn't sweet enough. I'm sure we'll experiment further when I'm better.

So there we go, my day in achey, painful hell. Hopefully I'll kick this quickly, this should be my week off!


  1. Hope you're OK Karen xx

  2. Thinking of you - you really must be rough to be away this long :-( get well soon xx