Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Missing Days

Nothing makes me disappear from the face of the earth quicker than a migraine. For me, they strike quickly and pretty much without warning. One minute I'm fine, the next any light on my face causes intense agony and my head feels like it's trying to murder me from the inside. Not good. Even worse is the fact that they truly render me useless for at least 24 hours and this little bugger hung on for nearer 30 before loosening it's grip enough to allow me to open my eyes and leave the darkened bedroom! you will have noticed...there was no despatch from the Slimming World Files yesterday. I didn't manage to eat a great deal anyway. A concerned Hague brought me up some weetabix, milk and chopped banana late last night and that was all I managed.

Today hasn't been much better. I have been stuck in the limbo land of a dark bedroom, getting very bored as there is literally nothing I can do when I feel like this except lay in the dark or sleep. And you can only sleep for so long! Hague once again provided food. A more hearty meal today of pasta, LowLow and vegetables.

It's now very late, and much as I've been keeping up my fluids, and managed to waste my last Ringtons tea-bag (seriously, I'm sure we DO buy milk now and again...) I'll probably get a snack down me to use a HeB and that'll be it for the day. I'm sure you can understand why I'll not bother with a food diary today!

As my head is easing up, I'll be back into work tomorrow for a 12 hour shift, so I'll fire up a blog for you all on Thursday! See you then!

Had my snack, 1 syn and my HeB. Job done for the day!

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  1. You poor thing. Really hope you're feeling better soon. xx