Friday, 28 September 2012

I AM Still Here - Honest!

How slack have I been? I'm so sorry for not updating yesterday (again). Shocking behaviour, and as my health seems to slowly be improving, behaviour I hope will become less frequent.

I'm not sure if it's the morphine of Tuesday, or the general battering my poor immune system has taken over the last few weeks but this week I've been unbelievably tired. My days have been spent either feeling tired or napping, not so conducive to blogging, or cooking up anything exciting either :(

However, I have been doing my best to stick to plan, as I know that eating healthily is the best way to get my self back to full health. Nothing exciting though I'm afraid, the old energy levels just aren't up to experimenting in the kitchen, so breakfast has been the easy option of muesli and yogurt.

As I said, most of my time has been spent napping, two meals a day have been enough for me. Yesterday, Hague made a lovely bolognaise for dinner, which was HUGE, so did me for a snack later on before bed as well!

Two, big HeA's of cheese on top too :)

Today, breakfast was the same again - as I say, it's easy! But for dinner, as I'm still feeling crap, and Hague is now feeling rather under the weather too we decided on a take-away. Rather than just thinking "sod it" I decided to go for the good girl option, and ordered boiled rice and vegetables in black bean sauce. I reckon if beef in black bean sauce is 5 syns, the veggie option must be about the same. Egg fried rice, veggie spring rolls and satay sauce all successfully resisted! 

Now, you may have noticed that the meal above is in fact sitting merrily on a portion of egg fried rice. I DID resist ordering it, but the Chinese decided to send it anyway. Although after checking the syns online, the whole meal should only have set me back around 9 syns - so not a bad choice really. 

I still don't feel a food diary will be of much use as I'm still not eating properly, and as you can tell I've not had my HeA's today either. I'll probably finish off the day with a nice glass of milk, or maybe a milky hot chocolate to get at least one of my Healthy A's down me.

Here's hoping I'll be up to something more adventurous over the next few days, as my blog isn't exactly the most exciting at the moment (sorry). As always though, thanks for all the messages, I love reading them

My HeA's have been demolished in the shape of 500ml of milk, and ive also had the last of my syns in two Aldi Benefit bars. A nice, sweet fix before bed :) x

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