Sunday, 9 September 2012


I'm utterly shattered today. Last week was heavy going for me, migraines always leave me exhausted, and add into that the panic attack and stressy mess of last week and it's been a bit of a hard week. I guess going out yesterday, and then a Barnsley trip today have damn near wiped me out. Early night for me, that's for sure!

As we were out of the house not long after 8am, breakfast was on the move. The old staple of a McDonalds breakfast halfway through the journey is no more, and I'd packed myself some goodies. As I rather naughtily ate and drove an Alpen Light bar did the job for breakfast! I packed Hague off at his Mum's and then headed to Morrisons, supposedly to stock up on some tea-bags, but also to see if they had some veggie sushi as it's one of my favourite snacks! I ended up picked up a couple of other bits for my lunch too :)

Along with the sushi and pineapple I picked up some of my version of crack cocaine (Shape Delight 0% crumble yogurts) and a pack of melon and grapes. The melon and grapes tasted absolutely awful, so were binned, the yogurts went down as well as they always do! After I'd eaten I had a wander around an antiques fair that was being held at Elsecar Heritage Centre. It was rather pleasant to have a mosey at all the pretty things, shiny things and the downright bizarre things, especially as a lot of the stalls were outside and the sun was shining again.

When I was done with that I just decided to make the most of the sunshine and sat on the grass with my phone and Kindle and read, played and munched my way through the afternoon! Perhaps it was the lack of sleep, perhaps it was the stressful week, or the drive, or the sunshine, but by the time I went to pick Hague up at 5pm I was shattered, and to be honest, I'm not sure how we made it home in one piece - thank goodness for sugar free energy drinks!

When we were home, Hague (as always) looked after me, making me a cup of tea and then sorting out dinner. It was a bit of a mish mash, but rather lovely. The leftover vegetable risotto from the other day (which had developed some much nicer flavours in the fridge), with some potato wedges and a couple of fried eggs. Strange, maybe - but it completely hit the spot!

This evening won't be a long one, I desperately need to sleep, and I desperately need to get my head straight before work tomorrow!

Food Diary

Free Food
mouthful of hideous melon
leftover risotto

Healthy Extras
A - 250ml of semi-skimmed milk
B - 2 Alpen Light bars

Sushi (2 packs)    3
Yogurts               1
Options               2

Total                   6 syns

I don't know how I stayed within my syns today. At Morrisons I spent ages cruising the fresh cake, bakery and pizza aisles, but resisted. I could smell McDonalds in the air as I left the retail park, but I resisted. On the drive home when I was really hungry, all I could think about was food, about a fresh, hot pizza, or a french stick stuffed with cheese, or the Krispy Kreme doughnuts that a service station on the way sells, in many varieties.... Hague set it out, I could give myself a break after losing 2 stone 131/2lbs and have a treat....OR....I could stay on plan and get that 1/2lb I so desperately want at my weigh in on Wednesday. Ultimately, I want that 3 stone award, and I want it this week. Besides, if I had given into my cravings I know full well I'd have beaten myself up thoroughly for it, so why bother? Tomorrow is another day, but today my willpower stands firm!

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