Sunday, 30 September 2012


Today, this silly little blog hit 15,000 views. That's in less than 3 months. I can't believe how popular it has become, and that so many people take time out of their day to check in on my Slimming World journey - so thank you for checking in and helping me stick to plan!

I made a real effort to eat more today, to get three meals down me, to help get myself back to normal. Once again though breakfast was more like brunch as with us both still feeling under the weather and took the opportunity to get some much needed sleep.

As we managed to forget to pick up eggs whilst shopping yesterday - I have no idea how, we eat a truck load every week  - there was only one left today, so I synned some toast and had it with some roasted cherry tomatoes and the good old Linda McCartney rosemary and red onion sausages. As most of you are now familiar with my portion sizes, I'm sure you won't be surprised to hear that it didn't take long for me to get hungry again after brunch, and so I had a wee snack.

One of my enormous cuppa's and a banana. As you can see, I don't have much milk in my tea, barely a splash and so I count just 1 syn for the milk. This actually managed to keep me full until quite late in the afternoon, so I only had a light lunch.

Well, I say light, there are quite a few carrots there lol! I made a sort of dip from Quark and 30g of Stilton (HeB) by just mixing them together and leaving it in the fridge for a few hours, and just dunked the carrots in. Surprisingly filling for a light lunch, and the Quarky/Stilton mix was delicious, I might try it stuffed into field mushrooms and grilled.

Despite feeling a lot better in myself, the very minor exertions of just sorting out my lunch left me feeling stupidly tired and a bit light headed. I definitely need to work on getting myself better a little bit more - and as I'm seeing my GP tomorrow, I'll be asking his advice as I can't keep on with such low levels of energy.

As you may have guessed, I needed a little nap after lunch, and so dinner was rather late. It was also low effort, but I guess at a push you could call it a Sunday dinner....ish!

Roasted potatoes, with skins on and just sprayed with frylight and tossed in herbs, Quorn BBQ sticky fillets and some broccoli and cauliflower cheese (60g of LowLow - HeA). All done in just over half an hour and rather yummy. I even made sure I had room for dessert.

A Summer Fruit Eton Mess, which for some reason, despite me uploading the correctly orientated photo FOUR times has decided it wants to be sideways.....Gotta love computers! With fat free yogurt, Quark, sweetener, vanilla extract, defrosted frozen Summer Fruits and 4 mini meringues (4 syns) I think we can safely say that today I've eaten well :)

Food Diary

Free Food
cherry tomatoes
LM sausages
Quorn BBQ sticky fillets
fat free natural yogurt
vanilla extract
frozen summer fruits

Healthy Extras
A - 60g of Low Low cheese spread
B - 30g of Stilton

Slice of wholemeal toast      4
milk in 2 cups of tea            2
4 mini meringues                 4

Total                                  10

Today wasn't a totally wasted day, I (and quite a few other people on a FB SW group) made a rather bizarre discovery. In my Food Optimising book, on each plan - Extra Easy, Green and Red - it states for each one, that for best results you should eat 1/3 of superfree foods. Now, I'll admit that I don't always follow that rule, but for the majority of the time I certainly do my best to do so. That's partly to stop myself living on carbs and partly as that's what my book tells me to do. When others checked their (supposedly identical, January 2012 books) that phrase was missing, and so led to a discussion regarding whether that 1/3 was required for Red and Green.

For what it's worth, as my book has identical wording on each plan, I'd say that 1/3 superfree is the way to go, but I can understand the confusion. So, dear YOU follow the 1/3 superfree rule, if you do, is that just on Extra Easy or on Green/Red as well? I'd love to know what others are doing, so please comment and let me know.

Saturday, 29 September 2012

The Food Diary Returns!

I had an awful night last night. I seem to be stuck in a bad situation where I'm SO shattered during the day that I have to nap, have to, or I'll nod off on the settee. This then leaves me in a state where I go to bed at around midnight, very tired and I fall asleep - but then I wake up stupidly early....which leaves me so tired I need a nap. Gah!

Today I woke up at 7am, after about 4 hours sleep. I tried desperately to go back to sleep but no luck, this wasn't helped by the fact that I woke up really hungry. I gave up the ghost at 10 and made myself a huge cuppa and had a soak in the bath. I'm taking the hunger as a sign that I'm getting better, as I've not had much of an appetite recently, I just need to react to it a bit quicker as I didn't get around to eating until around 1pm!

It was a rather yummy breakfast though :) Hague wasn't feeling too great himself, but he still made my breakfast for me. He's rather bloody wonderful. As the bread was a tad more than 60g (closer to 80g) I'll allow 2.5 syns for it, but apart from that it was syn free.

As I've mentioned, napping has once again become a way of life so I headed upstairs in the afternoon, but ended up feeling worse - always the problem with napping, it's almost Russian Roulette sometimes! We had to go shopping as well, so off we headed. Unfortunately a simple shopping trip was enough to show that I'm still a way off of being back to normal as I ended up feeling awful halfway around Asda! I guess I need to really concentrate on looking after myself properly, getting 3 meals a day, not the two I'm fitting in at the moment. It doesn't help :(

Anyway, as we now have potatoes in the house (yay!) dinner was a nice jacket spud which has totally stuffed me.

Food Diary

Free Food
fat free cottage cheese

Healthy Extras
A - 2 x 30g of cheddar cheese
B - 60g of wholemeal bread

25g of wholemeal bread               2 1/2

I know I'm a bit low on syns, but I had planned to have a lovely bowl of Eton Mess for dessert, but as I'm still totally full from dinner I might just save that little treat for tomorrow.

In other (totally un Slimming World related) news, the world of The Menagerie is becoming slightly easier. JadeyPuss and FlumpyCat have moved on from their hissy fits. Yesterday heralded a highly amusing bout of paws at 10 paces which was followed by this.....

Okay, so it only lasted for 20 minutes or so, but that's progress. So the house may be full of plague, we may have no money, but at least the cats are finally getting on ;)

Friday, 28 September 2012

I AM Still Here - Honest!

How slack have I been? I'm so sorry for not updating yesterday (again). Shocking behaviour, and as my health seems to slowly be improving, behaviour I hope will become less frequent.

I'm not sure if it's the morphine of Tuesday, or the general battering my poor immune system has taken over the last few weeks but this week I've been unbelievably tired. My days have been spent either feeling tired or napping, not so conducive to blogging, or cooking up anything exciting either :(

However, I have been doing my best to stick to plan, as I know that eating healthily is the best way to get my self back to full health. Nothing exciting though I'm afraid, the old energy levels just aren't up to experimenting in the kitchen, so breakfast has been the easy option of muesli and yogurt.

As I said, most of my time has been spent napping, two meals a day have been enough for me. Yesterday, Hague made a lovely bolognaise for dinner, which was HUGE, so did me for a snack later on before bed as well!

Two, big HeA's of cheese on top too :)

Today, breakfast was the same again - as I say, it's easy! But for dinner, as I'm still feeling crap, and Hague is now feeling rather under the weather too we decided on a take-away. Rather than just thinking "sod it" I decided to go for the good girl option, and ordered boiled rice and vegetables in black bean sauce. I reckon if beef in black bean sauce is 5 syns, the veggie option must be about the same. Egg fried rice, veggie spring rolls and satay sauce all successfully resisted! 

Now, you may have noticed that the meal above is in fact sitting merrily on a portion of egg fried rice. I DID resist ordering it, but the Chinese decided to send it anyway. Although after checking the syns online, the whole meal should only have set me back around 9 syns - so not a bad choice really. 

I still don't feel a food diary will be of much use as I'm still not eating properly, and as you can tell I've not had my HeA's today either. I'll probably finish off the day with a nice glass of milk, or maybe a milky hot chocolate to get at least one of my Healthy A's down me.

Here's hoping I'll be up to something more adventurous over the next few days, as my blog isn't exactly the most exciting at the moment (sorry). As always though, thanks for all the messages, I love reading them

My HeA's have been demolished in the shape of 500ml of milk, and ive also had the last of my syns in two Aldi Benefit bars. A nice, sweet fix before bed :) x

Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Yet More Drama!

In all honesty, if I was reading this blog I would be having trouble believing all the crap that's been going on over the last few weeks. Today has been no exception! I left you last night after having eaten a good SW dinner and looking forward to finally getting to group today. Not too ambitious I thought, a sensible step forward in my recovery....

Oh no, my life is not that easy, the Drama Llama has well and truly set up camp in this house and doesn't seem to want to shift anytime soon. At 7am this morning I woke up with a pain in my chest. My first reaction was that perhaps I needed the loo, or had a bit of trapped wind, but within a couple of minutes the pain was intense and I could barely breathe. Not good. Hague called an ambulance and so I ended up spending a few hours in A&E whilst they checked me out and decided that my body, in its quest to rid me of the various infections it's been host to, went a bit nuts on acid production. So I was eventually packed off with some tablets to calm down the acid production and the remnants of a morphiney haze fogging around my head.

Hague put my straight to bed, and sent out the good news to everyone I'd panicked this morning that I was fine and I slept through most of the day.

Enough drama for one day you'd have thought eh? Oh no, not in this house! I am desperate for a bath, having forgotten to put the hot water on yesterday, and then this morning spent sweating in pain and getting covered in sticky pads and so Hague woke me up with the sole intention of giving me a nice soak.....Yeah.....for a nice soak you need a working boiler, which ours has decided it's had enough of being. So now I'm still tired and woozy from this morning, covered in bits of sticky, stinking to high heaven with hair that is just minging - and with no heating to boot.

Oh the joy. Anyone fancy swapping lives? Just for a wee while? Anyone? ...... Didn't think so :(

Join me tomorrow for who only bloody knows what, my money is on a Zombie apocalpyse...

Monday, 24 September 2012

Back On The Wagon (Gradually)

I'm drawing yet another line today. For breakfast today, myself and Hague made the ultimate lazy bugger choice and had the left over pizza from last night, and the last of the orange juice purchased to make me feel better. We had dip too. That's a lot of syns for breakfast, but on the bright side, the house is now devoid of crappy food, and the bank is devoid of any spare cash for any more crappy food purchases. So that makes this as good a time as any to be done with the wallowing in the depths of my flu and eating rubbish.

In that vein, I made sure dinner was a better choice. An oldie, but a goodie. Pasta with LowLow and veggies.

I had all my HE's worth of cheese, a tub of LowLow and 30g of cheddar, with asparagus, mushrooms and courgette. I'm now washing it down with some grapes. This is the last day without a food diary, the last day of being a bit slack and the last day I'm letting myself use myself feeling rubbish as an excuse not to eat well.

I'm doing my absolute best to make it to weigh in tomorrow. I WILL be going, not sure if I'll be up to staying but I'll do my best.

I'm actually looking forward to getting back on plan, it'll be much easier to get myself better, get myself back to normal if I'm eating well, that's for sure.

A BIG Slip

I'm still recovering, and as such I'm still not eating huge amounts. Breakfast was my new staple of poached eggs on wholemeal toast, and I had a glass of orange juice too. All in the name of slowly building up my strength and banishing the last vestiges of this flu.

I've managed to spend most of the day downstairs as well, AND have gone the whole day without paracetamol too. A definite improvement :)

However, I'm feeling a need for crappy food. Perhaps it's to match my crappy mood? Who knows. All I know is that we have now ordered pizza. This will be the first take-away I've had since I started my Slimming World journey, and I know I'll pay for it tomorrow due to the sheer amount of fat and cheese, but for some reason, I'm succumbing. It'll probably not be the last time before I hit forty that I have a take-away, but I think I've shown that I can flexi without making it a habit. Plus, I'm sincerely hoping that I'll be feeling a whole lot better in a few short days, and I'm definitely hoping to make it to weigh in on Tuesday, and I'm okay with the fact that the pizza will be damaging.

But right now, I just want to feel better, feel normal and for some reason, a pizza seems to be my body's answer to that.

I know it's been a weird few blogs, and I promise that I will be getting back to plan sooner rather than later, but it's hard to juggle eating properly with no real appetite, and feeling healthy and full of optimism when you're feeling rough. Stick with me....I'll be back to normal shortly, I'm sure :)

Saturday, 22 September 2012

The Flu Diaries (Part 2)


I think that sums up the last week. Once again, I feel well enough to type a blog just when I should be celebrating. Today, my wonderful cousin, Gary, is marrying his lovely fiancĂ©e Laura, of course we were invited, and I'd been looking forward to it for months.

However, when achievement is still measured in managing to make it downstairs, you're not ready to inflict yourself on the world and so yet another fabulous celebration in our oh so empty social diaries goes unattended. It's really not helping my general mood either, as I was so desperately upset to have to tell the happy couple that we wouldn't be there.

A definite improvement has been made in the last few days though. My fever finally broke on Thursday, and being able to sleep more comfortably has really helped. I'm still quite achey in my muscles and joints, and although my headache and stiff neck has all but gone, the lethargy is unbelievable, just walking from the toilet to the bedroom is enough to leave me shattered. But I feel the worst is now over (thank goodness).

I have been doing my best to eat, even though my stomach is protesting at having any food in it whatsoever, but I need to eat to get better, so I'll keep going, whether my stomach likes it or not. Obviously Slimming World is not at the forefront of my thoughts, I'm just eating what my body is craving, but I am making sure to at least try and have some HE's with my meals, and not go mad on fatty foods. My staple has been poached eggs on wholemeal toast. I have been having orange juice and some smoothies, purely has Hague was worried about me not eating anything, and they're a quick way to get some sugar, energy and vitamins in me! Most days I've been only managing one meal, but I'm hoping that over the next few days I can build on that and start to build up my strength and energy, ready to return to work.

Thanks for sticking with me, hopefully the gaps between blogs won't be quite so long now, and hopefully I'll be back on plan sooner rather than later! 

Thank you for all the kind messages and comments - they all helped x

Sunday, 16 September 2012

The Flu Diaries (Part 1)

I'm not happy today. If anything I feel worse than yesterday, and as I write this in a blessed moment of pain free clarity thanks to my good friends patacetamol and ibuprofen, I should actually be well into double figures of mojitos, long island iced teas and various other delicious cocktails at a fabulous party. But I'm not, I'm in bed, dying. In fact Hague was so concerned about me we've been talking to nurses and doctors to make sure it is "just" flu and not meningitis!

As I'm sure you can appreciate, food hasn't been high on the agenda today, but for what it's worth, here's what I've had :)

Scrambled eggs and mushrooms. A banana, apple crumble and honey ice cream creation by Hague (2 syns a portion) and my unwell standard of weetabix, although I had it topped with sugar in case my murderous headache was caused by a sugar crash. It wasn't. :(

The ice cream was 3 tubs of shape apple crumble yogurt, plain fat free yogurt, a chopped banana, some sweetener and a tablespoon of honey. Mixed together and thrown in the ice cream maker.

I thought it was too sweet, Hague thought it wasn't sweet enough. I'm sure we'll experiment further when I'm better.

So there we go, my day in achey, painful hell. Hopefully I'll kick this quickly, this should be my week off!

Saturday, 15 September 2012

No Blog

I have a raging temperature, and ache all over. I'll be back to you all ASAP xx

Thursday, 13 September 2012

Positive Mental Attitude

That's my quote for the day. Positive Mental Attitude :) PMA is always helped when you get dressed, tighten up your faithful old belt, look down and realise that you've slimmed out of it, there isn't a hole to be seen where you need one. How's that for a good start?

Yesterday I decided that I would do at least one thing productive today, and I managed it. I cleared out the biggest kitchen cupboard, cleaning it all up and organised everything as I put it back in. It's the cupboard where the kitchen gadgets go to die, and it contains my food processor, chocolate fountain, chocolate fondue, slow cooker, rice cooker and ice cream maker :) To be fair, I use the food processor, and the slow cooker. The rice cooker was broken :( and I thought I'd thrown the ice cream maker away!! So a productive day has turned into rather a good one as now I can make syn free ice cream, well syn free frozen yogurt, but that's good enough for me.

I was up late today, and we went out shopping before I got round to eating. Aldi this week - the comparison to the shopping we got last week at Asda for £40, and the amount we got this week in Aldi for £32 was insane. So much more fresh food, and things like cheese, and much, much cheaper. If they sold Laughing Cows and LowLow I'd never go anywhere else again!

When I finally got around to cooking, I thought I'd give a fellow Slimming World blogger's recipe a go. You can check her blog out here) Yesterday she blogged about a gorgeous looking Aubergine Bake, and so as I actually remembered to pick up an Aubergine whilst I was shopping, I gave it a whirl!

As always I modified slightly...

Aubergine Lasagne
chopped tomatoes
an aubergine
lasagne sheets

Put the chopped tomatoes, garlic, paprika and oregano into a pan and bring to the boil, then let simmer for 10 minutes or so until the mixture thickens slightly. Whilst the pan was simmering I sliced up the aubergine, sprayed the slices with frylight and put them under the grill until they browned off slightly. I then spooned some of the tomato mixture into the bottom of an ovenproof dish to cover the bottom and layered the aubergine on top, then a lasagne sheet, more tomato, more aubergine, another sheet and topped with the tomato. Then I recklessly used up 2 HeB's of reduced fat mozzarella to top it with, and baked it for 25 minutes.

It was incredibly filling, and something I'll definitely be making again, so thank you @Amy8n :)

It took me 5 hours to feel hungry enough to think about dessert, and as you know, I tend not to bother with desserts too much, but when I saw 12 mini meringues in Aldi for 1 syn each and 89p it was rude not to pick them up, and so I treated myself to a 4 syn Eton Mess.

I used about a third of the tub of Total 0% greek yogurt, a good dollop of quark and a sprinkle of sweetener to taste. I then splashed in some vanilla extract and that was the perfect base. I then crumbled in 4 of the mini meringues and poured in some raspberries. That was it, and oh my it was gorgeous, utterly gorgeous. It didn't taste like yogurt and quark, it just tasted like a lovely sweet dessert. I'll most definitely be making this one again that's for sure - I might even attempt it as an ice cream now I have my ice cream maker again!

And now dear blog readers, I have a question for you. My lovely consultant, Claire, has given me two ENORMOUS marrows.......I shall wait whilst you compose yourselves.....

Okay, that's enough snickering at the back! What I need are suggestions as to what to do with these two monsters, so far I've been told to stuff it, or make a moussaka with it, or ratatouille. Any other ideas? After all there is a LOT of marrow here! I shall eagerly await your suggestions, oh, and keep it clean please? ;)

Food Diary

Free Food
chopped tomatoes
lasagne sheets
fat free natural yogurt

Healthy Extras
A - 2 x 65g of reduced fat mozzarella (I know technically you can only have this as a HeB choice, but as normal mozzarella is both an HeA AND a HeB I'm feeling rebellious!)
B - 

milk in tea                 1
4 mini meringues       4
Hot chocolate           5 (2 for the sachet, 3 for the milk)

Total syns                 10

As I got up late, that means we'll be up late too, and that means another meal rather late in the evening, I'm not going to make much effort, so it will be a jacket potato, with cottage cheese, cheddar and some tomatoes. Just something to make sure I don't wake up hungry in the middle of the night! I shall look forward to some intriguing (clean) marrow suggestions!

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Pulling Myself Together!

I'm drawing the line today...


There, drawn. 

I'm going to push myself to find some positive mental attitude. I'm getting sick and tired of feeling down and grumpy, and so I'm going to do my best to lift my mood myself. Try new things, eat different things, and do something different with my days.

I woke up this morning feeling hungry, and had a lovely big cuppa whilst I decided what to have. The thing about my lovely big cuppa is that it fills me right up, and so I didn't have my breakfast until quite late on, so once again it was more brunch/lunch than breakfast!

A huge omelette, with onion, courgette, mushrooms and tomatoes, topped with 30g of cheddar and served up with 60g of wholemeal bread. It's been ages since I had bread and I really fancied some, sometimes only a butty will do :)

For some reason, I've had a proper hungry day today, and so only a few hours after breakfast I needed more. As we'd picked up some more of the small sweet peppers at Asda this week (reduced again), I thought I'd have another go at a syn free poppers.

I cut the tops off of the peppers, and took out the seeds, then roasted them in the oven for 15 minutes. I also roasted off about 5 baby plum tomatoes for the same time. I let them both cool for a little while and then mixed the tomatoes into some quark and seasoned. I then just stuffed the peppers.

The quark tomato mixture on its on wasn't fabulous, but when combined with the peppers it was lovely. It really worked, and was a lovely syn free snack. Not a huge amount of effort either, I think I might use a variation of this combination on pasta, roasting off the tomatoes and peppers together and then mixing with quark and pasta. One for another day.

As I've been signed off work again, today was a lazy day. It shall be my last lazy day. I'm going to make an effort to do something productive every day, even if it's just a walk, or some housework. I know that'll help improve my mood too, so win win. Not today though - the most energetic thing I've done today is cook and have a bath!!

Dinner was a curry, syn free of course! And, as always minimal effort lol! I cooked off the rice, and some eggs, and mixed together quorn chunks, cauliflower, carrots and a tin of chickpea dahl (and about half of the tin of water). Job done!

I know it's been a bit of an egg heavy day, but they are one of my favourite foods, so wonderfully versatile and filling - well, filling when you're not having the hungriest day ever! Between the two of us (me and Hague) we get through tons of the little buggers. Oh for a garden, we'd definitely have our own chickens :)

In the spirit of a true hungry day, 3 full meals wasn't enough, and so to round off the evening I treated myself to some syns and splashed them out on a couple of weetabix, with a HeA of milk and a chopped banana. Lovely jubbly, and hopefully enough to finally calm the worms that seem to have infected me today!

Food Diary

Free Food
sweet peppers
Asda chickpea dahl

Healthy Extras
A - 30g cheddar, 250ml semi-skimmed milk
B - 60g wholemeal bread

milk in tea               1
2 weetabix              6 1/2

Total syns               7 1/2

I guess today shows just how great Slimming World can be. I've been super hungry today, and yet even after eating until I'm stuffed, on a day when I've seriously not stopped feeling hungry, I've managed to stick to plan and haven't felt frustrated at all. No wonder it works for me :)

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Can It Get Any Worse?

I'm trying so hard, I really am. I'm trying to gee myself up, kick myself up the arse and pull myself together - however, it's now another day along and I'm now signed off for the rest of the week, on antibiotics and officially 4lb heavier than I was last week *sigh*

Still, I will be sticking to plan today, and just hoping that once the antibiotics have kicked in, I'll see the loss next week, after all, despite some beers my weekly syns were well under 100 in total, so it shouldn't have caused that much damage, BUT there is no use crying over spilt milk, or indeed gained weight, so onwards I shall go with my journey, and onwards I shall push to my 3 stone award.

Breakfast today was actually breakfasty rather than being brunch! Which made a pleasant change. Muesli with yogurt, banana and apple. Scrummy :)

The Dorset Cereals Simply Fruity muesli really is rather lovely as well, and you can have 40g for your HeB. As I've been feeling on a bit of a downward spiral (and have been off work for over 7 days) I needed to visit my doctor. He was pretty good, and pressed me for any other reasons that could have caused such a bleurgh week, and on discovering I was suffering from a wee bit of an infection, prescribed some tablets and suggested that it could be that making me feel so run down and miserable. Here's hoping that in a few short days I'll be feeling much better eh?

As the doctors were running late, and I had to pick up my prescription I couldn't stay to SW class tonight, as I've said, I gained 4lbs. I'm really not sure why. I've looked back over my food and yes, I've had beer, but my syns have been okay for the week. I can only blame it on feeling so icky, and as such, hope that sticking more properly to plan this week will yield results.

When you're feeling sorry for yourself, only comfort food will do, and how's this for a big ol' plate of just that?

A mountain of wedges, some Linda McCartney sausages, eggs and baked beans mixed with mushrooms. SO filling and it really hit the spot! However, after an hour or so I needed something sweet, and so treated myself to some syns in the shape of rhubarb crumble yogurts. I'm truly addicted! I had an apple as well to get some more fruit down me, and when I haven't had any Healthy Extras, a glass of milk is something of a treat too.

So I am now fed, and am making peace with my weight gain this week. It won't throw me off plan though, that I know.

Food Diary

Free Food
fat free yogurt
baked beans
LM sausages

Healthy Extras
A - 250ml semi-skimmed milk
B - 40g of DC muesli

2 Shape Delights yogurts     1

Total syns                           1

So another day low on syns, lets hope I reap the rewards next week eh?

Monday, 10 September 2012

Menagerie Minus One :(

Today is very much a bad day. I felt too exhausted and anxious to make it into work, and then when Hague went to say good morning to the Little Dudes (the Gerbils) only two popped their little heads up - no Mousey to be seen. A quick investigation and Hague found poor little Mousey, all curled up, but not fast asleep :( So the menagerie is now back down to five, and I'm feeling horribly upset. RIP little MouseyGerbil.

Obviously I wasn't in much of a mood to do much today, including cook, but I need to eat and so just threw together a BBQ Brunch.

It consisted of potato wedges and a mix of veggies (mushrooms, onions, pepper, courgette and tomatoes) all liberally sprayed with BBQ FryLite and roasted in the oven along with the Quorn BBQ Sticky Fillets. I topped the wedges with 30g of cheddar, and that was that. It was actually very tasty, and it wasn't much of an effort really.

As the day has gone on, my mood has worsened, I've been teary, anxious and just generally feeling sick and down. Days like this can go either way really, stuffing myself with anything and everything, or just being utterly disinterested in anything, including food. Today has been the latter. I didn't eat my brunch/lunch til around 3pm, and I've only just had dinner and it's coming up for midnight. Again, it was a low effort job, as the slightest thing seems too much for me today.

Pasta, with chopped tomatoes, thyme, garlic and topped with 2 He's of Feta (100g) and some black pepper.  It did taste nice, but I can't muster up the enthusiasm for anything today - sorry :( I'll finish it up with some grapes, and I might have a yogurt or two later, but to be honest, bed can't come soon enough for me today. I want Monday 10th September to be over and done with, and hopefully tomorrow will bring with it a lighter mood and a much better feeling of health and wellbeing than today has managed.

Food Diary

Free Food
Quorn sticky fillets
chopped tomatoes

Healthy Extras
A - 2 x 50g of Feta
B - 30g of cheddar


Not a one today!

Sorry for such a depressing blog, but hey, not all days (or weeks) can be good ones right? I'm not feeling too confident about this weeks weigh in either, but only time will tell. I hope you're all having considerably better days than me x

Sunday, 9 September 2012


I'm utterly shattered today. Last week was heavy going for me, migraines always leave me exhausted, and add into that the panic attack and stressy mess of last week and it's been a bit of a hard week. I guess going out yesterday, and then a Barnsley trip today have damn near wiped me out. Early night for me, that's for sure!

As we were out of the house not long after 8am, breakfast was on the move. The old staple of a McDonalds breakfast halfway through the journey is no more, and I'd packed myself some goodies. As I rather naughtily ate and drove an Alpen Light bar did the job for breakfast! I packed Hague off at his Mum's and then headed to Morrisons, supposedly to stock up on some tea-bags, but also to see if they had some veggie sushi as it's one of my favourite snacks! I ended up picked up a couple of other bits for my lunch too :)

Along with the sushi and pineapple I picked up some of my version of crack cocaine (Shape Delight 0% crumble yogurts) and a pack of melon and grapes. The melon and grapes tasted absolutely awful, so were binned, the yogurts went down as well as they always do! After I'd eaten I had a wander around an antiques fair that was being held at Elsecar Heritage Centre. It was rather pleasant to have a mosey at all the pretty things, shiny things and the downright bizarre things, especially as a lot of the stalls were outside and the sun was shining again.

When I was done with that I just decided to make the most of the sunshine and sat on the grass with my phone and Kindle and read, played and munched my way through the afternoon! Perhaps it was the lack of sleep, perhaps it was the stressful week, or the drive, or the sunshine, but by the time I went to pick Hague up at 5pm I was shattered, and to be honest, I'm not sure how we made it home in one piece - thank goodness for sugar free energy drinks!

When we were home, Hague (as always) looked after me, making me a cup of tea and then sorting out dinner. It was a bit of a mish mash, but rather lovely. The leftover vegetable risotto from the other day (which had developed some much nicer flavours in the fridge), with some potato wedges and a couple of fried eggs. Strange, maybe - but it completely hit the spot!

This evening won't be a long one, I desperately need to sleep, and I desperately need to get my head straight before work tomorrow!

Food Diary

Free Food
mouthful of hideous melon
leftover risotto

Healthy Extras
A - 250ml of semi-skimmed milk
B - 2 Alpen Light bars

Sushi (2 packs)    3
Yogurts               1
Options               2

Total                   6 syns

I don't know how I stayed within my syns today. At Morrisons I spent ages cruising the fresh cake, bakery and pizza aisles, but resisted. I could smell McDonalds in the air as I left the retail park, but I resisted. On the drive home when I was really hungry, all I could think about was food, about a fresh, hot pizza, or a french stick stuffed with cheese, or the Krispy Kreme doughnuts that a service station on the way sells, in many varieties.... Hague set it out, I could give myself a break after losing 2 stone 131/2lbs and have a treat....OR....I could stay on plan and get that 1/2lb I so desperately want at my weigh in on Wednesday. Ultimately, I want that 3 stone award, and I want it this week. Besides, if I had given into my cravings I know full well I'd have beaten myself up thoroughly for it, so why bother? Tomorrow is another day, but today my willpower stands firm!

Saturday, 8 September 2012

A Surprisingly Lovely Saturday

We didn't have any plans for today, beyond having a lie in, so the whole realm of possibility was spread out in front of us. Sort of. As always money is tight, but when your local football team has a Bring a Friend Day meaning that two people can get in for a fiver, it's rude not to go. Especially when you've been planning to pop along for ages! 

First things first though, as we were going to be out for a while, a lovely big breakfast was a must!

With breakfast demolished we headed out for the football ground, walking of course and we covered the 1.6 miles in 38 minutes - not a bad bit of body magic seeing as I've been hideously slack this week! When we arrived we discovered that lower league football is actually quite refined and you can drink whilst you watch the game. Add to that the fact that we won second prize in the raffle of £10 and it was an all round good call to go and see The Bloaters today (even though they undeservedly lost 4-3)

Great way to watch football, not such a great way to keep on plan though.....especially not when followed by another pint. And a bottle of Sol. Can you say flexi day (again!).

When we got back (1.2 miles - 22 minutes), we were both pretty hungry and Hague made the decision on dinner, so jacket potatoes it was.

I stuffed mine with 6 Laughing Cow extra light triangles and 60g of cheddar, on the side I had some spinach, tomatoes, cottage cheese and gherkins. SO cheesey! After dinner we didn't have too long as we were heading out to see Waterlitz, part of the annual Out There festival in Great Yarmouth. It's something that happens every year, and involves all manner of alternative performances, street art and all sorts of everything. We normally manage to miss most of it, but when you hear about a 20 metre high man made of shipping containers more or less on your doorstep, you sort of have to go along don't you?

That was just what it was doing whilst we waited for it to start. The show involved all sorts of everything included Pterodactyls, fireworks, glitter, flying Polar Bears and music. Wonderful and I'm glad we went out to see it!

A cup of tea was in order when we got in as it was a bit chilly out, and then to bed as we have an early start tomorrow as we're heading to Barnsley. I have some bits prepared, so should be able to have a day on plan after today's excess of beer/syns!

Food Diary

Free Food
tinned tomatoes
cottage cheese
cherry tomatoes

Healthy Extras
A - 6 LC extra light triangles, 30g of cheddar
B - 30g of cheddar

2 pints of lager            18?
Bottle of Sol                6?
3 Quorn sausages        3
milk in tea                    2

Total                           29!

Ouch, few too many syns once again, so I'll do my best to stay low syn tomorrow as I REALLY want to lose just 1/2lb on Wednesday!

Friday, 7 September 2012

No Excuses!

I really don't have any excuse for not blogging yesterday. Yes I was tired in the evening, and yes I ate my dinner rather late, and yes, I still have a bloody headache, but none of those have stopped me from blogging before, so I apologise!

Yesterday didn't start so well, I still wasn't feeling wonderful, and a headache had reappeared, purely to annoy me I'm sure. Then when I finally got myself together enough to have something to eat I had no idea what I fancied, and so I ended up with a total mishmash of a brunch - tasted yummy though!

Jacket spud with cous cous quiche leftovers and a salad, well I say salad, we had no lettuce so I had a pile of tomatoes and cucumber topped with some fat free cottage cheese. I was absolutely stuffed afterwards though! The very filling meal came in very handy when we decided to have a couple of drinks later on - we didn't go mad, but I was glad for the stomach lining!

Afterwards, a quick easy dinner was in order, and so once again, some 98% fat free supernoodles came to the rescue, just topped with cheese. 

A terrible day foodwise really - but hey, they can't all be great days right?

Thursday's Food Diary

Free Food
fat free cottage cheese
left over cous cous quiche
98% fat free supernoodles

Healthy Extras
A - 15g of cheddar and 3 Laughing Cow extra light triangles, 30g of cheddar
B - 30g of cheddar

175ml of rose wine             6
6 x 25ml of Jack Daniels     15
milk in tea                           1

Total syns                           22

Bit over on the old syns, but Friday will even it out.........

Speaking of Friday...I woke up with my headache still going strong, and a lovely stiff neck to add to the pain! As it's shopping day, we were a bit light on provisions so breakfast was a wee bit thrown together!

It's quite handy sometimes that we stock up on things like yogurts and cereal bars when they're on offer! After breakfast/brunch we had to brave Asda - not a wonderful task, and we only went there rather than Aldi due to a price guarantee voucher of £2.57 to add to our budget. Luckily we arrived just as rather a lot of things were being reduced and we managed to pick up grapes, peppers, tomatoes, celery, sweet peppers and asparagus all with those lovely yellow stickers on, and the lot was less than £4! With Quorn and eggs still on offer, we'll be able to eat for another week yet ;)

I also picked up something I actually see as a treat, although most people will either hate them or see them as the sole domain of pregnant women with odd cravings....the humble gherkin!

I LOVE these, and munched my way through half a jar as a snack once we got back from shopping! I wasn't sure what to have for dinner, and it was 8pm before I thought about having a browse through my new, All In One recipe book (a Slimming World one). I'd been looking for some recipes that I could put in the slow cooker, or that could just be bunged in the oven, and this book looks perfect.

I decided on a sweet vegetable risotto, but as always, deviated slightly from the recipe :)

Slow Cooker Sweet Vegetable Risotto (serves 2, or 1 greedy person with enough leftover for lunch).

100g of sweet potato
125g of risotto rice
an onion
2 cloves of garlic (or a good dollop of lazy garlic)
half a courgette
600ml of vegetable stock
various veggies (I used peas, spinach and asparagus)
50g of feta

I diced up the sweet potato and threw it into the slow cooker with the finely chopped onion, garlic, rice and veggie stock, seasoned it well, and put that on low for 2 hours. After the 2 hours I threw in the rest of the veggies and left for another half an hour.

I then dished it up and topped it with the feta and some more pepper.

It was really easy, and a perfect recipe if you can't be bothered! Tastewise, it wasn't *full* of flavour, mostly tasting of the vegetables, however, I think a bit more seasoning and the addition of some fresh rosemary would really lift the taste. Butternut Squash might be a good substitute for the sweet potato too as it has a bit more flavour. That's me being picky though, as it tasted very nice topped with the feta (the recipe book suggests topping with parmesan - but that's not veggie).

Tonight will be an early one, rest and recovery is still the way forward methinks, but not before I use my last HeA to make myself a hugely milky options hot chocolate before bed. 

Food Diary

Free Food
risotto rice
sweet potato

Healthy Extras
A - 50g of feta, 250ml semi-skimmed milk
B - 2 Alpen Lights

2 Shape Delight yogurts   1/2
Options hot chocolate      2

(told ya I'd claw them back!)

Total syns                        2 1/2

I shall not be as slack tomorrow, I promise, proper blog as you've come to expect!