Friday, 24 August 2012

We Are Sorry For The Delay....

Yes, once again an expected blog didn't show up when expected, shocking behaviour from myself and I can only apologise! In my defence I spent all day in a semi-comatose state of shattered-ness, and was desperate to go to bed from about 5pm! Hence all I could think about was bed, and hence no blog :(

But now it's time for you to discover the delights I ate yesterday, which may not be much help in your Slimming World journey as I had my Ladies Lunch :)

Mmmm, this one was at The Albatross. An unassuming little restaurant hidden among the dross of tourist eateries in the centre of Great Yarmouth. It has astonishing good reviews on TripAdvisor, and both the food and the service is wonderful, so I was glad that we made it there for one of our lunches. The meal actually wasn't as hideous as some of the lunches, although it was still more than my day's syns, but utterly delicious!

Just look at that simple, mouth watering tricolore salad! Okay, so avocado is fattening, and they didn't skimp on the mozzarella, but this is just my favourite type of food! My main was a spinach and ricotta cannelloni, which was also rather gorgeous, but I just dived straight in! I was saved from resisting a dessert by the fact that Mum, Sis and the girlywigs were heading to the circus, and we ran out of time!! (Thank goodness as the hot banoffee pudding sounded, well, beyond nom).

After lunch, the tiredness hit with a vengeance, maybe to do with the fact that I got quite a lick of speed up on my walk home (a mile in 20 mins). I had no energy afternoon, and so dinner was a Jacket Spud (again....I'm sorry) with some beans and mushrooms. The mushrooms were cooked in some BBQ frylight and the beans added at the last minute for something a bit different. I smooshed my HeA's worth of Laughing Cow extra lights into the spud and then topped with the bean/mushroom mix. It did the job of filling me up before bed :)

So that was my day I'm afraid - don't give up on me, it'll be better tomorrow I promise!! Pinky swear :)

Food Diary

Free Food
baked beans

Healthy Extras
A - 45g mozzarella, 6 Laughing Cow extra light
B - 45 g mozzarella


45g of mozzarella (est.)                          6
tbsp of olive oil                                      6
spinach and ricotta cannelloni (est.)        10 1/2
2 small glasses of med white wine           9
Leftover pizza crusts....                           15
(a dough ball is 2 1/2 so am allowing 6 of them for the crusts I ate)

Total (estimated)                                    46 1/2

So, whilst I'm way over my syns, if I'd have resisted the girls' leftover crusts it wouldn't have been so awful, but I'm quite pleased that I ate what I wanted and didn't go over 50 syns. Today's menu will obviously be lighter on the syns to limit damage. Catch you again in a few hours lol!

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