Friday, 24 August 2012


Hague has departed for the weekend. He will be spending the entire weekend with his boys and was practically bouncing with excitement when I dropped him off at the station at 5.40am, yep, it was yet another stupidly early start for me and for some reason I decided not to go back to bed and fortified myself this morning with a couple of huge cuppas before deciding on breakfast. I really wasn't sure what to have but in the end decided on magic pancakes, this time made with the apple crumble Shape yogurts.

They were REALLY good. I topped them with apple, banana, yogurt and a tbsp of honey. The flavour of the pancakes was really good, so I'll definitely be making them with the apple crumble yogurts next time. I'm going to try freezing them too so I can have them for breakfast next week at work. Hopefully they'll defrost okay!

I had a busy morning, with shopping and a bit of a wander around town with a friend, and it wasn't until around half 3 that I realised I hadn't had lunch. As I was feeling tired (yep, again....I'm a nightmare), I didn't want to go mad, but didn't fancy anything I could just grab and so ended up having a bit of an experiment with the filo pastry I bought today.

I was actually rather impressed with how it turned out. One sheet of Jus-Rol filo is only 3 syns and that was plenty to wrap my mushrooms, spinach and garlicky soft cheese in, so with the salad the whole lunch was just those 3 syns. Next time I'll put the soft cheese on top of the veggies, but apart from it's soggy bottom it was delicious, and it only took about 10 minutes.

Filo Parcel

75g of medium fat soft cheese
one sheet of Jus-Rol filo pastry
cottage cheese

I fried off the mushrooms in frylight and then threw in the a good handful of spinach and seasoned with some pepper. I then put the cheese onto the pastry (only because I was weighing it directly onto the pastry to save some washing up....won't do that next time lol!) and piled on the mushroom and spinach mix. I then just wrapped over the pastry and put it in the oven for 10 minutes. Whilst it was cooking I prepped the salad. Another quick, easy recipe that I'll be trying again, with a variety of fillings as well.

After an afternoon spent wittling down the Come Dine With Me episodes on the Sky+ box, and feeling rather tired I decided comfort food was the order of the day for dinner, and what better than sausages, spuds and cheesey vegetables?

How's that for a syn free plate of comfort food? Just the ticket! Followed by a rhubarb crumble yogurt and I'm done for the day, hopefully heading for a lovely long restful night of sleep! Please!

Food Diary

Free Food
fat free cottage cheese
LM rosemary and red onion sausages

Healthy Extras
A - 75g of medium fat soft cheese, 60g of LowLow cheese spread
B - 35g of porridge oats

1 tbsp of honey                   2 1/2
2 Shape yogurts                  1
milk in 2 cups of tea            2
1 sheet of Jus-Rol filo          3

Total                                  8 1/2

Quite a few syns today (for me) but I've certainly had a more full and rounded menu than I've had for a little while!

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