Saturday, 11 August 2012

Treading Carefully!

My stomach finally seems receptive to food, at long last. I woke up today actually feeling hungry, but decided not to go too mad, although I did treat myself to some bread for the first time in ages!

It wasn't greasy, as the sausages were baked, and the eggs cooked in frylight - and it seemed to sit okay on my stomach, so all good. It was nice to get some food inside me and feel okay! I'm obviously over the worst, and now I need to focus on slowly building my energy levels up again.

We had to go shopping today, and that was a bit much for me, as I felt rather light-headed, so it's definitely a case of taking care of myself this weekend so I'm back to normal (well as normal as I get) for work on Monday. I did pick up some new yogurts though, Asda didn't have my favourite dessert style ones, but DID have Shape Delights, in crumble flavours....1/2 a syn each. I couldn't resist! (Veggie friendly too!)

Dinner wasn't anything exciting. Once again I went with something plain(ish) and had pasta with plenty of veggies and some LowLow. Again, it seems to be settling quite well, all good!

All seems well a couple of hours on, well enough that I was hungry again, and so I had the last of my buns and a cuppa :) Plus I had to try one of my new yogurts! I think we can safely say my stomach is mended, and that means another stop on my Olympic journey tomorrow! I've missed it, and I'm glad I have time to get another couple of destinations in before the end of London 2012!

Food Diary

Free Food

Healthy Extras
A - 2 x 60g of LowLow cheese spread
B - 60g of wholemeal bread (a roll)

3 Quorn sausages       3
4 toffee buns              6
Yogurt                       1/2
Milk (in tea)               1

Total                          10 1/2

Here's to settling back down into the plan, and here's hoping that this stomach bug hasn't damaged my weight loss this week!


  1. aw hope your feeling much better, i enjoy catching up with your blogs xx

    1. I'm feeling much better today thank you! Almost back to normal :)

  2. Hope you feel better soon try and take it easy. I made your pasta recipe today the roasted veg and low low cheese its amazing. Take care. Tracy xx

    1. SO glad you enjoyed the LowLow pasta, it's a firm fave with me now :)

    2. I bought the cracked black pepper low low cheese that is pretty impressive too. I will be having it again for tea this evening making a big batch is good to chomp on the next day.