Monday, 20 August 2012


Yes, there is normally a day (and a blog entry) between Saturday and Monday - however - on Saturday night, myself and Hague decided that a drunken evening was slightly overdue, and hit the vodka. Oh did we hit the vodka. I probably had the best part of 50 syns worth of booze, but enjoyed every, single minute.

In my defence, as you can see from yesterday's blog I DID stay on plan foodwise, I didn't even crack when Hague was sat right next to me munching away at a big bag of generic frazzles, not a one passed my lips. In fact, even when god knows how many sheets were to the wind, and I was feeling hungry I used my remaining HeA choice and picked at some Laughing Cow extra light triangles.

Obviously we didn't get to bed until late, and stayed in bed late due to the, erm, delicate nature of ourselves....this meant that we were out of bed for less than 4 hours, and so didn't exactly have a full smorgasbord of food. In fact the only thing I managed was a jacket spud.

Well, two smallish jacket spuds, filled with egg mayo and lots of cheese. Not long after that we went to bed, hence the lack of a proper blog!

Food Diary (for what it's worth...)

Free Food
gallons of water

Healthy Extra
A - 30g of cheddar
B - 30g of cheddar

2 tbsp of light salad cream   3

Total                                   3

So there we have it.......normal service to be resumed this evening :)

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