Tuesday, 14 August 2012

So Close :)

And so it was back to work last night - oh the joys! When I got there the temperature was 37 degrees. At 10pm, stupidly hot, but I guess it's all good body magic eh? Celebs pay good money for that sort of fancy work out :)

Before I got that for, I had to stoke the old fire ready for a night at work, and I had a bit of a craving for chilli and so my wonderful boyfriend obliged. 

As always it was a case of using quorn mince, kidney beans, baked beans and every type of veg to hand :) Served with potato wedges and cheese. Perfect to keep me going, and of course plenty left over for lunches whilst at work this week.

Work was a bit of a throw together, an apple, laughing cow light triangles, 2 harvest moon bars, a yogurt and a mugshot. Bit of a hodge podge, but it kept me grazing all night! At least I have tasty bits for the rest of the week!

After not quite enough sleep it was time to weigh in this evening! My target today was to dip down into the next stone bracket, and I did it! 2 1/2lbs off, so that's a total of 2 stone and 3 1/2lbs in 9 weeks. I couldn't be more pleased with how I'm getting on. The icing on the cake was the nomination for Woman of the Year at my group. I couldn't believe I was nominated, but was proud to have been, and I wasn't surprised not to win, but I'm glad that my original nominee won. Well done Kerri! You're a total inspiration to me, as is Stephanie, the other nominee. Both have lost over 4 stone, and look amazing for it - goes to show just how wonderful the group is, and what a great consultant we have in Claire! I'm looking forward to joining you in the over 4 stone lost select group :)

Food Diary (for Monday)

Free Food
quorn mince
green beans

Healthy Extras
A - 5 laughing cow light triangles, 30g of cheddar
B - 2 Harvest Moon bars

Mugshot               2 1/2
Yogurt                  1/2

Syns                     3

Lunch will be a bit more planned for the rest of the week, but I'm looking forward to being off work next week, so I can have a bit of a play in the kitchen, as I have a few ideas buzzing around my head waiting to be tried :)

On another positive note, I'm now 3/4 of the way to my Bronze body magic award!! Here's to the final week being successful and me gaining a bit more fitness and another shiny sticker!

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