Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Short and Sweet!

This week has been hard going. The early starts are murdering me, and I don't think the afternoon naps are helping in the slightest, it's just leaving me unable to sleep in the evening. I also think that having a nap instead of lunch might be contributing to my sheer tiredness so today I've decided to have a bit of a swap around.

Breakfast was the same as it has been all week, sorry for the repetitiveness but I do love my muesli in yogurt, it's perfect for my early shift. I took the usual grazing munch as well.

I'm definitely loving the Harvest Moon chocolate orange bars! Very yum! Work was a wee bit easier today, the pedometer worked all day and I only just beat yesterday's total (when the pedometer had turned itself off for 2 hours!) 

I'm sure all this physical work is helping with the weight loss, although my feet really aren't thanking me. There's a lot of me to be on them all day!

I decided today to forgo my nap, and have a nice filling lunch instead, something nice and comforting after a long day, with much drizzle and greyness!

Sausage, cheesey mash, beans and broccoli (lovingly presented by Hague lol). I used both my HeA's worth of LowLow in the mash, and it was lovely, it made the mash so creamy and cheesey - yummy! However, my plan to have something light this evening, and then head to bed early has crashed and burned. It's 5pm and I am SHATTERED. I can barely keep my eyes open and I doubt I'll make it until 8pm when I planned to go to sleep, so I'm now pondering heading for a bath and bed shortly. If I nod off at around 6.30pm I should get about 10 hours in - which might catch me up a bit after me only having about 12 hours in the 3 nights so far this week. Apparently decent sleep also helps when you're trying to lose weight (I'm sure I read that somewhere and it'll do for me as an excuse to get me some sleep!)

Food Diary

Free Food
fat free natural yogurt
baked beans

Healthy Extras
A - 2 x 60g of LowLow cheese spread
B - 40g Dorset Cereals muesli

Harvest Moon bar     3
2 quorn sausages       2

Total syns                  5

Apologies for such a short blog today, but I really do need to try and get some sleep, and I usually do have a ridiculously early night once on this shift, and it looks like today is that day! Normal service will be resumed shortly!

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