Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Shifting To Nights

For the next two weeks I'm working nights. For me this is a much easier shift as I can get in from work and go to sleep (which is normally when I'm at my most tired). It means that my eating pattern will be slightly skewed during that time as well. I'll have my main meal before I go to work, what would have usually been dinner, at work, I'll take things to graze on, as well as another lunch type meal for halfway through my shift - at 2am. When I get home, I'll be hungry again, so I will have something very light before I head to bed so I don't wake up too early as I'm hungry.

It'll mean this blog will be getting published in the afternoon/evening as well. So there you have my plans for the next fortnight :) 

I got plenty of sleep today, and when I got up I decided to continue with my Olympic journey. Today's culinary destination of choice is China, the country currently leading the medal table! Now, there are SO many Chinese dishes out there that I could have tried today, but I went with "Beef" in a Black Bean Sauce with Egg Fried Rice. Not complicated in the slightest, and I do like syn free egg fried rice.

I used the Aldi black bean sauce, only 3 1/2 syns for 100g, and just added it to my Quorn steak strips and veggies. The egg fried rice was easy too....

Egg Fried Rice
soy sauce

I cooked off some rice (I use a small ramekin to measure mine) and once it was done, drained it off and put it in a wok, I then sprinkled in some soy sauce and put in some cooked peas. Once everything was stirred together I just broke an egg straight into the wok and kept stirring until the egg was cooked. That's it. Of course you could add all sorts of veggies and meat in there if you wanted a special fried rice. As long as you only use frylight it's all syn free.

Hague had prepared me cous cous quiche to take in, so I had half a quiche, 2 harvest moon bars, an apple, 5 laughing cow triangles and a yogurt with me for work. However....I started to feel really unwell whilst I was there, and ended up coming home early after being sick :( Not good :(

So Monday was very much NOT a typical day, and I'm still not feeling too wonderful now, so I haven't had anything to eat as my stomach is still feeling quite delicate! I wasn't going to miss group though, and I'm glad I didn't as I finally managed to reach my 2 stone weight loss, with a loss this week of 2.5lbs, and a total now of 2 stone and 1lb :)

I'm breaking from the Olympic meals for the sake of my dicky tummy, and having something a bit more plain for dinner this evening. Pasta, passata, spinach and feta. Hopefully everything will be back to normal tomorrow and I can finish off my week of nights! 

Monday Food Diary

Free Food
soy sauce
quorn steak strips

Healthy Extras
A - 5 laughing cow light triangles
B - Harvest Moon bar (should have been 2 but I wasn't well)

milk in tea                         1
can of tango                      3
black bean sauce (100g)   3 1/2

Total                                7 1/2 syns

Tuesday Food Diary

Free Food

Healthy Extras
A - 50g feta
B - 50g feta

3 toffee buns         4 1/2
milk in tea             1

Total syns             5 1/2

And odd day I know, my next blog will cover Wednesday's night shift food and I'll get it online at around Thursday tea-time! Thanks for bearing with me!!

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