Friday, 3 August 2012

Going Greek

I'm sure you'll be pleased to hear that I mixed it up slightly at work today. Instead of an apple and cereal bar at my first break, I had........wait for it.........and apple and 5 laughing cow light triangles. I know, huge change lol! I do quite like the laughing cow's as a snack, easy to just grab and are a Healthy Extra A on Green. Breakfast was once again muesli! Nearly done with it I promise!

Unfortunately I'll have to go into work tomorrow, so the early starts are not quite done with yet - I'll be having one huge lie-in on Sunday that's for sure! It'll be lovely to get back to a more normal eating and sleeping pattern, and to be able to vary my meals up.

I was quite hungry when I got in today, but my achey little bones needed a bath first. Once I was suitably soaked and relaxed lunch had to be something reasonably low effort. As I'd bought some fresh mint with the shopping this week with the sole aim of making some tzatziki I decided to have a little bit of a Greek theme today :)

It should come naturally to me, my Nan is a Greek Cypriot, and my Mum regularly cooks Greek food which is delicious. Obviously the more meaty items on the menu are a no go, but I decided on roasted vegetables with oregano, mixed in with cous cous and topped with the tzatziki and feta cheese. 

It was lovely, and the tzatziki was really good! That'll become a regular on my menu's I'm sure! The cous cous itself wasn't particularly Greek, but the taste was there, maybe if I had a HeB left, I could have just had the veggies, feta and tzatziki stuffed into that.....Hmmm now there's a nice lunch idea! The tzatziki couldn't be easier, so give it a go :)

fat free natural yogurt (of course fat free Greek yogurt would be better, just for a change, I had none...)
fresh mint

I mixed about half a big pot of yogurt with about 1/4 of a teaspoon of lazy garlic, then I grated about 3 inches of cucumber and squoooshed all the liquid out of it (there's a lot, be warned) and added that. Finally I tore up about 8 fresh mint leaves and stirred them in as well. That's it, easy peasy eh? I'm sure if you prefer it slightly more garlicky or a bit more minty you can just adjust it, but for me, these amounts were perfect! 

Perhaps I'll do a bit of an Olympic theme and try to have a dinner from a different country every day :) Methinks it might be Italy tomorrow...

As it's been another night glued to The Olympics (so many golds! Amazing!) I fancied something picky to eat whilst we watched the TV and cheered on Rebecca Adlington and Jess Ennis tonight, so a couple of small potatoes made into wedges with some more of my tzatziki dip was the perfect choice - and a cuppa as we FINALLY have milk in the house! How organised am I? ;)

Food Diary

Free Food
fat free natural yogurt
cous cous
sweet potato

Healthy Extras
A - 5 Laughing Cow light triangles, 50g of Feta
B - 40g of muesli (Dorset Cereals)

2 Harvest Moon cereal bars        6
Dash of milk in my tea                 1

Total                                           7

Any suggestions for more places to visit for my Olympic meal journey?

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