Sunday, 5 August 2012


Ah happy days! My week of earlies is finally done and over with, not more 4.30am alarm calls. Today was the last one, a 6 hour shift at work - with only a small breakfast of a couple of Harvest Moon bars and a apple as we weren't supposed to be there for that long. So understandably I was rather hungry when I got in. Luckily when I made the cous cous yesterday I made TONS, and so lunch was a really minimal effort when I got in, as all I did was get the bowl out of the fridge and stir in the last of the tzatziki. Done! :)

That set me up nicely for my....erm...nap :) Thank goodness there will be no more of that nonsense for 3 more weeks!

As promised, I have moved on in my Olympic tour, today's stop is in Italy!

I LOVE Italian food, if I had to live on one countries cuisine for the rest of my life it would be Italian, no contest. I love the simplicity, and the beautiful combinations of fresh ingredients that good Italian food brings. A simple pasta dish, with good vegetables and good cheese is enough to melt me completely :) By the way, if you're ever in Great Yarmouth - visit The Alabatross restaurant for some of the most wonderful food I've ever tasted....Anyway, back to Slimming World! As I cook pasta quite a lot, I decided to try something different today. Pizza, yep, pizza :) There are myriad of recipes out in cyberspace for syn free pizzas, so you can take your pick really, however, this is the one I chose...

Syn Free Pizza
1 packet of instant mash (I used the Asda SmartPrice one, a bargain at 20p)
mixed herbs
garlic (I used the lazy garlic)
veg/meat of your choice
cheese to top (I used 75g of the Aldi soft cheese)
tomato puree

Pour the instant mash into a bowl, add garlic and mixed herbs to your taste and mix. Boil up some water and add it very gradually. I was literally pouring in about a spoonful at a time until the mix resembled a crumbly dough. When it's the right consistency it will feel doughy but NOT sticky. Then you need to make that into a base. I covered a round pizza base with foil and then liberally sprayed that with fry light. I then smooshed the mixture into a sort of round shape and put it in the oven (180 degrees) for about 12 minutes until it started to brown at the edges.
Whilst the base was in the oven, I fried off some onions, mushrooms and asparagus ready to put on top. I also mixed together a couple of tbsp of tomato puree, a splash of passata and some more herbs for the pizza topping.
Then I turned it over (using a plate to make it a bit easier) and put it back in the oven for 5 more minutes. Then I took it out, spread the base with the tomato mix, topped it with my cooked toppings, plus spinach and tomatoes and put it in for another few minutes, obviously if you top with cheddar, cook until it's browned.

There you go, a syn free pizza! You know what? It really works! Next time I'd try and make the base more evenly round as the edges got quite crispy, but it was delicious. My consultant Claire advised me that this is classed as "tweaking" and that I should top it with lots of super free foods, which I did. Although to be fair, I'd eat a packet of that mash with veggies anyway, so to me it's not that much of a tweak - but best to let you know. It really felt like I was having a weekend treat, and I'll be making it again that's for sure! Dessert was just a few strawberries as I was pretty full after dinner!

As I headed out tonight to meet some t'interwebz peoples I had a couple of drinks, I limited my syns to those beers and won't have any naughty snackage tonight, especially as I'm heading out tomorrow to celebrate my Dad's birthday - yet another flexi day...whooops!

Food Diary

Free Food
cous cous
sweet potato
instant mash

Healthy Extras
A - 75g of medium fat soft cheese
B - 2 Harvest Moon bars


2 bottles of Carling Zest     10
splash of milk in tea            1

Total syns                          11

Bit of a busy weekend ahead, with tonight and tomorrow, I'll need to minimise my syns on Monday, pretty good opportunity to take up Claire's challenge of the week. A syn free day :) Obviously, my Olympic odyssey will be paused until Monday as well - it'll give me a chance to decide where to go :)

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