Sunday, 26 August 2012

Beating The Grumps!

Once again, I got a decent sleep and was up early at just after 9. I had plans to make the most of the day but pretty much as soon as I came downstairs as proper grumpy mood descended upon me...

The weather was grey, I'm starting to really miss Hague and no food in the house was appealing to me. I had an easy breakfast of muesli and yogurt with some banana, and even that couldn't lift my miserable mood.

I had two choices really. I could sit on the sofa and wallow in my grumps, making myself feel worse and worse, or I could get my butt off the sofa and do something. As I'd promised Claire I'd do some leafleting for her that was as good an excuse as any to get myself out. I actually quite enjoyed the leafleting, 198 houses, 1.3 miles and my music blaring the whole time - and whilst I was out I was actually quite cheerful. Plus when I got home and put my activity into the Fit Log I found that I completed my latest challenge to "swim" the channel, and had completed my first week towards my Silver body magic award.

However, once I was back in, the gloom descended again and so I threw myself into some cooking. I got a chilli on the go for me to have for lunches during the week, and roasted off some sweet potato, onion, rosemary and tomatoes for my lunch.

The veggies were stirred into cous cous (I used some of the liquid from the roasted tomatoes to soak the cous cous) and I added some rosemary and 50g of feta. It was delicious and definitely hit the spot. I hadn't finished in the kitchen though, and decided to carry on experimenting.....One experiment went okay, the other one still needs work :)

I'd picked up some gelatine alternative in Asda, and thought I'd have a go with the pear drop squash that I'm currently addicted to. It only worked! I wasn't actually sure about the flavour working, but the jelly aspect worked and so I can make myself some syn free vegetarian jelly :) Yay! The other option was making little buns with the magic pancake mix, that wasn't quite so successful however, as the buns stuck to the paper cases, so I think I need to pop to PoundLand and invest in a silicone muffin pan, and give them another go.

After cooking like a mad thing this afternoon, I'm all kitchened out, and so dinner was super simple, and to most people, rather disgusting....

98% fat free sweet chilli Supernoodles, topped with eggs and cheese. Odd I'll grant you, but it's something I love, and it's a bit of a comfort food for me :)

Food Diary

Free Food
fat free natural yogurt
cous cous
sweet potato
veggie gelatine
sugar free squash
98% fat free supernoodles

Healthy Extras
A - 50g of feta, 30g cheddar
B - 40g simply fruity Dorset Cereals muesli

1 teaspoon of honey         1
milk in tea                        1
pancake bun type thing     1
25g cheddar                    5
Shape yogurts                 1

Total syns                        9

An odd day, my mood hasn't really lifted, and I've followed my Consultant's advice and just eaten my favourite foods. I've kept on track, which to be honest, I wasn't sure would happen at the start of the day, so I'm proud of myself for that. I might even treat myself to a hot chocolate to take up to bed with me later, surely that will lift the mood where everything else has failed? I'll add in the syns if I do :)

On a slightly different note, I'm pretty sure that today's mood is just one of those days and not an indicator of anything more serious, I will admit that I'm slightly worried about work next week as I shall be working 12 hour shifts.....but I'm confident that it's a one off (and that hot chocolate will help).

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