Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Back to Normality

After such an exciting day yesterday, it was back to normality today (last night). I was rather hungry after weigh in and so had a HUGE bowl of pasta with plenty of veggies and some garlicky cheese! Nom, and perfect to keep me full at work.

Lots of veg hiding in there, courgettes, mushrooms, spinach and tomatoes, plus a HeA of the Aldi soft cheese with garlic. Very filling, and a lot of taste for not much effort!

For work I had the usual bag of grazey things. Although one new inclusion was another Hague invention. He was going to make cous cous quiche, but found that we had no cous cous, and so he got all inspired and used some mashed potato for the base instead. I took some into group for the taster, and it all got eaten, so I wasn't too wary when I tried it for my lunch. They were rather delicious, and tasted more like a cheese and potato pie with veggies - definitely not a bad thing. When the base is cous cous, the quiche is definitely like a quiche, but this was definitely more like a pie or potato bake, so giving a different spin on one of my favourites.

Added to the little pies/quiches were my faithful Harvest Moon bars, some Asda wholegrain bites, an apple and a yogurt. More than enough to see me through the night! I always find it better to take lots of nibbley things than one big meal, little and often is the best way forward for me during a work shift!

As it was hugely hot again in the factory (28 degrees at 3am!) I'm hoping to see the benefit of all the body magic I do as part of my physical the 3 1/2 lbs I need for my next award too much to hope for? 

Food Diary

Free Food

Healthy Extras
A - 75g of medium fat soft cheese (Aldi garlic and herb), 30g of cheddar (on the wee pielets)
B - 2 Harvest Moon bars

Asda wholegrain bites             5 1/2
Shape yogurt                          1/2

Total                                      6

When I'm at work, I also make sure I get tons of water down me, it's so hot that I have to keep myself very hydrated, thank goodness for water coolers! Hopefully I only have 2 shifts left this week - a Friday night off would be a lovely treat! Fingers crossed :)

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