Monday, 13 August 2012

A Wonderful Sunday!

I'm normally in quite a grumpy mood on a Sunday, but today is rather wonderfully different. I slept well, my stomach is well and truly back to normal and the sun is shining away. After my disappointing egg custard last night, I thought I'd give magic pancakes another whirl, this time using another egg and being a bit more patient with the cooking....

Voila!We have magic pancakes! And they get a definite thumbs up, they tasted just like gorgeous, sweet pancakes, and they're amazingly filling. Seriously they are the perfect breakfast!

Magic Pancakes (the version that works...)

35g of porridge oats (HeB)
yogurt (I used one Asda dessert style banoffee yogurt)
2 eggs.

I soaked the oats in the yogurt for about an hour, and then beat the eggs and mixed them in well. Then I put a frying pan on a very low heat and coated it with some fry light. Then I just poured it a small amount of the mixture and left it alone until they were cooked, then they flipped over quite easily. So all it needed was patience and more eggs ;) The mixture made 8 pancakes, so plenty enough for 2 really! A total must try recipe!

Another reason for a happy smile arrived this evening. A text from the lovely Claire letting me know that I have been nominated for Woman of the Year at my Slimming World group. As I've only been a member for coming up for 9 weeks I was utterly shocked to be nominated, but very proud that even one person felt that I should be nominated. A very humbling moment :)

As for dinner, well breakfast filled me up lovely for hours, and as the Olympic Closing Ceremony is on the television, I'm afraid that means a very minimal effort dinner, as I wanted to watch it, and the ultimate leave it alone and let it do it's thing dinner is a jacket spud :)

Simple filling of cottage cheese mixed with spring onion, black pepper and cheddar, topped with even more cheddar. Nothing extravagant, unlike the Olympic Closing Ceremony which was utterly extravagant. And insane. And wonderful. And quirky. And utterly, utterly British. Eric Idle, Madness, FatBoy Slim, moshing athletes and Queen? What's not to love, it was a fantastic end, to what has truly been a fantastic Olympics. 

I was even inspired to do some Body Magic...

A whole mile :) Go me :) It all counts though! I'll be sad to see the back of The Olympics, I've loved the buzz and sense of goodwill that seems to have engulfed most of the country. Only 17 days until the Paralympics start though, and I love watching those just as much, if not more.

Food Diary

Free Food
natural yogurt
fat free cottage cheese
spring onions
98% fat free supernoodles

Healthy Extras
A - 2 x30g of cheddar
B - 35g of porridge oats

tbsp of honey         2 1/2
15g of cheddar      3
2 Shape yogurts     1

Total                    6 1/2

Now it's all over, what on earth will I be watching on TV until the Paralympics start? I'm at a loss! 
**Late night update**
Was hungry, ate supernoodles :)

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