Monday, 30 July 2012


Today I'm tired, very tired. It's the week I dread, earlies. Alarm going off at 4.30am, and starting work at 5.45am. It KILLS me, it's the total reverse of my out of whack body clock, which likes to stay up very late and ignore the morning completely. It IS only one week out of the 4 week rota though, and so I can get through it, albeit with much whinging and grumping :)

As always, the key to eating at work is preparing my meals, and with earlies, it's normally things I can prepare the night before. My favourite for breakfast at work is muesli and yogurt, it's perfect as I can sort it out, leave it in the fridge and it's delicious the next day with some fruit added in. Of course as always I take plenty in to graze on too. So also in my goodie bag were an apple, one of my bakewell buns and a cereal bar, plus a banana and the worlds strongest coffee (2 dessertspoons of espresso anyone? - didn't wake me up) for the car.

Now, I have my priorities very much in place for my early shift. When I got in, instead of lunch, I had a nap (well I did only have about 3 hours sleep last night). It was much needed, but meant when I woke up and had a bath, I was pretty hungry! I had to pick up Hague from the bus station and I had absolutely no inclination to spend any sort of time cooking, sometimes you just need to fuel up and be done with it. This is why I love Slimming World, you want a lazy day? Easy Peasy!

Pasta, with tinned tomatoes, herbs and spinach stirred in and topped with my HeA's of cheddar. 10 minutes, hardly any effort, syn free and on plan. Perfect!

A couple of bakewell buns and a yogurt await with a cup of tea before bed, but I hope I've shown that working shifts and being utterly shattered don't mean you need to fall off plan :) If I can do it on earlies, when I spend the week looking and feeling like the offspring of a zombie and a sloth, anyone can lol!

Food Diary

Free Food
fat free natural yogurt
tinned tomatoes
Asda dessert style yogurt

Healthy Extras
A - 2 x 30g Cheddar
B - 40g of Dorset Cereals Simply Fruity muesli

2 tbsp of Elmlea (I still don't have any milk...)     2
2 bakewell buns                                                2
Harvest Moon bar                                             3

Total                                                                 7

As you may have realised, this weeks blogs will be published a little earlier :) I'll apologise now for the probable lack of much imagination this week - but hey, we can't all be stuffing cannelloni tubes and baking cakes every day ;)

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