Sunday, 22 July 2012

Summer's Here!!

It's happened! Summer has arrived, and today it brought with it barbecue's and sunburn :) I knew this weekend was going to be a struggle following the plan, but to be fair, the barbecue today was a bit easier on the syns than yesterday's dinner.

We woke up late and so didn't have anything before we headed out to our friend's house, it was so lovely to see them (it's been rather too long) than any plans of being angelic were compromised when a beer was pressed into my hand. Sometimes it's a very good thing that I'm always the driver lol! I could have quite honestly sat there all day long, drinking beer and enjoying the fabulous company, but having to drive limited the beers to just 2 in the 5 hours we were there. Foodwise I could have been a little bit better, but I don't think I did too much damage. Most of the foods I had were salads, and my lovely hosts had even cooked the cous cous quiche for me, how nice of them is that? Veggie sausages and burgers are always a lot less syn laden than their meaty counterparts so the only "bad" parts of my nibblings were the 2 small white rolls and the small slice of pizza, plus the beer. I think without those I would have been safely within my syns.

However, as I stated yesterday. I shall be following Slimming World for a very long time, over 2 years most probably, and as such I will have weekends when I'll be flexing my syns. I am not planning to put my life on hold to lose weight. The plan needs to fit in around my life, and being able to flex my syns does just that.

The key, for me, is not flexing the whole day. Just the event or meal you're worried about. Previously I'd have just had a flexi day, which would have meant me having a dinner laden with even more syns tonight and piling on the damage rather than limiting it. Tonight, this was dinner...

Just simple pasta with spinach, asparagus, tomatoes and grated Cheddar, so just one HeA and one HeB and no syns. I may not lose the 1lb I want this week due to 2 flexed meals, but I'm determined to give myself the best chance :)

Tomorrow, normal service (including food diaries and recipes) will be resumed...if I can move my arms to type....

Ouch! Still, this definitely means Summer is here (for now)!

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