Thursday, 19 July 2012

Store Cupboard Day

A lot of us will have this sort of day, when the cupboards are looking quite bare but it's not quite payday. Today's menu was very much a thrown together affair, but it worked for me! I was shattered today so breakfast was quick, just some muesli, fruit and natural yogurt. I wasn't overly hungry but I knew I had to eat before work, and it did the job just fine, although I was hungrier a wee bit earlier than I'd usually be.

Luckily, as always I had plenty with me at work, I won't bore you with the photos as they're the same as yesterday as I couldn't eat all the pasta salad, so had the rest today, along with the usual side orders of apple, cereal bar and yogurt. I've been pleased with how well leftovers have translated into new meals to take into work, it's been a way of keeping costs down as well, which always helps!

I had a bit of inspiration whilst at work. I quite fancied a burger, but didn't have the HeB left for a roll, and besides, one burger in a wee wholemeal bun? It wouldn't have done the job for me. So I had a thought and came up with a burger bake, all the ingredients of a burger, just without the bun :)

Burger Bake

Tin of chopped tomatoes
3 quorn burgers
2 tsp of mustard
60g of Cheddar

This was pretty damn easy, just fry off the onions in fry light until they're softened, stir in the chopped tomatoes  and put half of the mix into an oven proof dish. Put the burgers on top, then put the rest of the mix on top of those. Squirt a couple of teaspoons worth of american mustard over the mix and then top with cheese (I used both of my HeA's) and bake in the oven for 25 mins.

Another quick and easy dish, this time made up of stuff we had in the cupboards and freezer. It worked really well, and certainly eased my craving for a burger. The mustard especially added a definite burger taste to the bake. Worth a try :)

Work today was a bit easier than the rest of the week has been, so my steps were a bit down. The payback was that I didn't arrive home a hot, sweaty mess due to rushing about all day! Just one more day to go and then I've got a whole, wonderful week off! I'm rather looking forward to it, and am hoping to be able to try some slightly more exciting recipes to share with you all!

Food Diary

Free Food
fat free natural yogurt
mixed beans
chopped tomatoes

Healthy Extras
A - 30g of Cheddar x2
B - 40g of Dorset Cereal muesli

Tango                                   3
Aldi cereal bar                      3
3 Quorn burgers                   1 1/2
2 tsp of mustard                   1

Total                                     8 1/2 syns

I know it's late, but I'm heading off to Tesco to stock up on some of the bits they don't have in Aldi, and to see if they have the chocolate tea I've seen advertised.....syn free and tasting of chocolate? This I hope to try!

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  1. Definitely going to try this! I've been needing a meal that tastes delicious but doesn't use my He B! Thanks!