Saturday, 21 July 2012

Special Occasions

We all have special occasions throughout the year. Birthdays, anniversaries and holidays. Flexi days are there to help you through those times when 15 syns just aren't quite enough.

Now, there are birthdays, and there are BIRTHDAY'S and to be honest, I think a celebration of someone reaching 95 is most definitely in the latter category :)

So can you blame me for having another flexi day to celebrate my wonderful Nan's birthday? We went out for dinner, and most of the choices were pretty synful. In the end I went with a mozzarella bruschetta to start, mushroom risotto as my main, and (yes, I know this is really bad) a creme brulee for dessert. I also stole some chips from my youngest Niece Carys....

But, despite having what I calculated was around 60 syns today, I've had a really nice day, spent time with my family and celebrated a very special birthday with my very special Nan.

I'd like to say it's back to normal tomorrow, but we're heading for a friend's BBQ. To be honest, I know I can keep within my syns at a barbeque, so I'm sure'll all will be fine for weigh in on Tuesday.....and if not, well I'm not falling off the plan, it'll just mean that my 1 1/2 stone award will have to wait until the week after.

After all, life is for living, life is about family, friendship and fun, and if all that means I'll have an occasional gain as I lose my weight, so be it :) I hope you all have wonderful weekends in the sunshine x


  1. I agree your blog is amazing I check it everyday.xx

  2. I agree too! Love your blog - keep up the good work! And Happy 95th Birthday to your Nan!