Thursday, 26 July 2012

Shameless Promotion!

I love writing this blog. It has very quickly become a very important part of my Slimming World journey, and just seeing the views each day give me a boost. The popularity has taken me by surprise, but I'd love it to become more popular (who wouldn't!) and as such I decided today to set up a Facebook page. It'll essentially just mirror this site, have the blog updates on it, and other little achievements and milestones I reach, I suppose you could look on my blog as my daily diary, and the Facebook page as the companion page :) I'd love it if you took a little look! (Just have a clickety here).

Anyway, enough shameless promotion for one day...back to the important stuff...FOOD! As we were late to bed last night, we were once again late crawling out again, so rather than breakfast a quick brunch was the order of the day. As always I'd made 2 cous cous quiches from the mix and so the "spare" one was sliced up and served with some asparagus and hollandaise sauce. Yum!

Tonight's dinner was a bit of an experiment. At group this week Claire (my consultant) discussed the scan bran challenge, where for a week, your HeB is scan bran every day. I'm not following it, but due to my blog, and the recipes I try, Claire challenged me to try some of the recipes and I chose the cheese and onion burgers. They sounded pretty easy and so I gave them a go.....

Cheese and Onion Scan Bran Burger
2 scan bran (I used 3...)
2 eggs
HeA of cheese (I used both HeA, so 60g of Cheddar)
a bunch of spring onions (I used 6)
1 tbsp of soy sauce
1/2 teaspoon of wholegrain mustard (I used English as it's all we had..)

Crumble the scan bran and soak in some water until soft, you don't need much water at all, just about enough to wet the scan bran.
Beat 2 eggs and mix in some seasoning, the soy sauce and mustard.
When the scan bran has absorbed the water and has the consistency of soggy weetabix stir in the cheese, onions and eggs....
This is where it started to go wrong....

Before I'd added the eggs, the mixture looked quite burgerish, after I added the eggs, it looked like this...more like porridge! I decided to throw in another scan bran in the hope that it would help, but it didn't. Anyway, I plugged on with the recipe and left the mix to rest for 15 minutes. Then I attempted to fry them in a pan with some fry light (no shaping happened, as you just can't shape liquid!).

The little splats did their best to stick together, but when I tried to turn them over they just crumbled under the pressure. I decided to just lob the whole lot into the pan and treat it like an omelette, which seemed to work a bit better, I finished it off under the grill and ended up with this....

With the help of a cake cutter they actually look like burgers :) They tasted really nice though, very cheesy and the scan bran added some texture to the "burgers". I will attempt these again, but I don't think I'll bother adding the eggs. I'll leave the mix dry and just use my burger maker to shape them, or roll them into little balls and bake them.  I've got a feeling that will work better. If you do have a go, please let me know how you get on? Don't be put off, the taste is worth the faff!

Dessert was the remainder of pineapple that was in the fridge, and I still have the offcuts of my burgers to snack on later if I'm peckish! We're having an early night tonight as Hague is heading off to Barnsley for the weekend - which gives me free rein to create whatever I like in the kitchen this weekend (or be really lazy and live on pasta and Supernoodles....)

Food Diary

Free Food
sweet potato
spring onion
soy sauce
fat free vinegarette
asda dessert style yogurt

Healthy Extras
A - 2 x 30g Cheddar
B - 30g of Cheddar


Hollandaise sauce (2 tbsp)    3
3 scan bran                          3
mustard 1 tsp                       1/2

Total                                    7 1/2

After yesterday's walk I was a bit sore and achey today so although I did go out for a walk, it was only for a mile with Boo - still, it's got me started on my next Body Magic challenge, to cross the channel. I've already walked around Central Park (6.1 miles) this week! Tomorrow is my monthly lunch with my Mum and Sister (special guests as they're off school are Jenna and Carys). The original venue would have been easy to stick to plan, but we're now going to my favourite restaurant in Great Yarmouth, The Albatross which serves the nicest Italian food for miles, it's going to be tricky to stay on plan now! Check in tomorrow to see how much damage I did lol!

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