Monday, 9 July 2012

Monday Blues!

Is there anything less inspiring than a grey, muggy Monday in July? No, didn't think so! I should be on a night shift this week, but the powers that be have moved me to days, working 8 - 4, so for the second week running it'll be an alarm clock waking me up instead of my body having had enough sleep!

My losses always seem lower when I'm working on an early, I'm not sure if it's the fact that I'll have something to eat before weighing in, or that I don't get much sleep. Either way, the lbs don't melt away.

Regardless, I know that staying on plan, I'll lose, so stay on plan I will :)

As I tend to gloss over my lunches, I thought I'd share my little (rather big) munch with you today! I don't like having one big lunch, so make sure I have plenty of food that I can pick at during my break times. 

Today's was a cheese and cucumber sandwich, a mug shot, 2 Alpen Lights, yogurt and grapes, enough to fill me up whilst I was at work. 

Dinner tonight was one of my favourites, Hague's (my boyfriend) Veggie Chilli! Very easy, and very tasty!

Recipe for Hague's Veggie Chill

Quorn mince
Kidney beans
Chopped tinned tomatoes
Baked beans
Any veggies you fancy - today's had courgettes, peas and sweetcorn
Chilli flakes

Now this is really complicated so are you ready? Throw all that lot in the slow cooker, turn it on.

That's it :) Told ya it was easy! Served with sweet potato wedges and grated cheese on top! Strawberries with fat free yogurt and honey for afters and that's job done!

I need to use the slow cooker more though, so if anyone knows any recipes, please share! Still haven't got around to making the gnocchi yet though!!

Today's Food

Free Food
Baked beans
Irish diet yogurt
sweet potatoes
red kidney beans
quorn mince

Healthy Exras
A - 5 laughing cow light triangles, 30g of Cheddar
B - 2 slices of wholemeal Hovis (400g loaf), 2 Alpen Light bars

Creamy cheese pasta Mug Shot   2 1/2 syns
2 tbsp of honey                            5 syns

Total                                            7 1/2 syns

Tomorrow is my weigh in day, as always I'm nervous, but as you can see I've been as good as gold, so here's hoping for a good loss. I told my Consultant last week I wanted 3lbs, as that will drop me down into the next stone - but anything gone is good for me :)

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