Friday, 27 July 2012

Ladies What Lunch...

I'm not much of a lady, and rarely take a posh lunch. However, once a month, when I'm off work myself, my Mum and my Sister have ourselves a long leisurely lunch. I started the day full of good intentions with a syn free breakfast of fruit and a fat free yogurt.

The yogurt by the way is utterly delicious and syn free! I guess I was wavering between being angelic and possible damage limitation....

Can you guess which way I went?

I think "Oops" is the most suitable phrase here. We were supposed to go to a lovely little Italian restaurant in town (The Albatross, check it out on TripAdvisor), but it was closed, so my plans of a lovely tricolore salad and pasta were dashed and my Nieces decided on the American restaurant in town, rather aptly named Fatso's. I perused the menu, my eyes glanced at the oh so good choice of a salad with a jacket potato....It would be tasty, it would be good.....

...but it wouldn't be a hugely stacked veggie burger topped with sauted mushrooms, onions and stilton. Hey, I didn't have the side order of coleslaw I normally have, that counts for something surely? And look closer, salad, that's some superfree right there! Although I think that argument becomes somewhat invalid when I admit that I also ate a good 2/3rds of that delicious looking brownie as well. Nuts are a HeB right?

I won't lie, I totally enjoyed my lunch. We had a lovely time, and it was so nice to see my Nieces and spend some time with them. In my defence we did walk into town, and I walked back as well!

3.1 miles, not too shabby eh? And 600 calories, that might just have burnt off....well, not much of that meal to be honest, but that's what flexi days are for.

I was always going to be good for dinner, and have something syn free to minimise the damage of lunch. As I've said before I'm not one for flexi days, just flexi meals and as I was very busy watching the Olympic Opening Ceremony I wanted something quick too.

So into the oven went some Quorn lime, chilli and ginger fillets and I boiled up some noodles to go with them. Once the noodles were cooked I just threw in some spinach, soy sauce and lemon juice then sliced up the Quorn fillets. Job done :) I'm having the rest of my rhubarb yogurt for afters.

I won't do a food diary today, as I can't even begin to guess how many syns lunch was, but I DO know that breakfast and dinner were both syn free.

As I sit here and watch the spotlight on London, the celebration and pride on display for all to see this evening as the opening ceremony unfolds, I'm not going to beat myself up for enjoying myself, for enjoying good food and good times with my family. Life is about enjoyment, about having fun and about making memories. Losing weight is a big part of my life right now, and Slimming World will always remain a big part of my life as I will continue to attend group when I'm at target, but it's not the only part of my life, and I plan on balancing this out, like I have today, for a long time to come :)

Enjoy your days, enjoy your family....and enjoy The Olympics, life is for living, not for depriving yourself. And let's be honest, if you're feeling deprived on Slimming World, you're doing it wrong!! :)


  1. Great post and love your balanced view of life! I tend to beat myself up if I go off plan and end up eatin more as a result.

    1. Sue, I used to do that, a flexi meal would turn into a flexi day which would turn into a week off plan. When you then end up being yourself up and falling into that spiral that's hard to get out of.
      I try and make sure I have something syn free and quick to cook in the house for days like this - damage limitation :)

  2. Only discovered your blog today and I love it! Gradually reading my way through the archives! Have bookmarked and will be following you daily as I am sure you will help me in my journey with your positivity and wonderful food pics :-)