Wednesday, 4 July 2012

A Hungry Hump Day!

I'm struggling this week, not with my food, with the stupidly early shifts. I start work at 5.45am, and so can't face breakfast before work, so I tend to take quite a bit of food in with me and graze during my breaks. Today's work food bag contained:

2 Alpen Lights (HeB)
1 Asda Dessert Style Yoghurt - Banoffee flavour, I love these and they're syn free.
1 Asda Fat Free Vanilla Yoghurt - bought by mistake as they're a whopping 2 1/2 syns, but I'm not throwing them away lol!
A cheese and mayonnaise sandwich, made with Hovis wholemeal bread from a 400g loaf, 30g of Cheddar and a tablespoon of Asda Extra Light mayo so (HeB for the bread, HeA for the cheese and 1syn for the mayo).
A packet of Asda rosemary and onion Wholegrain Bites (5 1/2 syns)

So that should have kept me going, but when I got home at half 2 I was hungry again, so I had a quick bowl of 98% fat free SuperNoodles (syn free).

Dinner was going to be the Baked Gnocchi in the latest magazine, but it needs the mix to be refrigerated overnight, so that'll be tomorrow. Instead I decided to do a quick dinner of Creamy Green Pasta.

Fry Light
75g of Philadelphia Light with Garlic and Herb

I cooked the pasta, and whilst it was cooking I chopped the courgette into chunks and fried off in some Fry Light (syn free). 
The rest of the veggies were frozen, so I bunged them in the microwave to heat through and then put them in with the courgettes to fry off. 
I drained the pasta, and then stirred the Philadelphia into it, adding in some of the water from the microwaved veggies until it was a nice creamy consistency. The veggies were thrown in, stirred to get covered by the sauce and that was that!

It really was a tasty and filling meal, although I think using fresh spinach would give it a bit more texture! A definite one to cook again when I want a quick, easy dinner.

Today's Food

Free Food;
Dessert Style Yoghurt
98% Fat Free SuperNoodles

Super Free Food
Lots of Starbucks Vanilla Rooibos tea!
Lots of water

Healthy Extras
A - 30g Cheddar, 75g Philadelphia Light
B - 2 slices of Hovis wholemeal (400g loaf), 2 Alpen Light bars

Mayonnaise         1
Wholegrain Bites 5.5
Yoghurt               2.5

Total                    9 syns

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