Monday, 16 July 2012

Hard Work Time!

Since I've been following Slimming World (nearly 6 weeks) I have been sitting at a computer at work, my usual job is far more physical, and that's what awaited me today. Boy had I forgotten just how much you ache after an eight hour shift lifting cases of Robinsons squash about and the various other bits and bobs that my job involves! Quite often, on Slimming World support boards, the question comes up about shift work. What to eat, what to take in and such like. As I work shifts (this week is 2pm-10pm, hence the lateness of this blog!) I thought I'd give you an idea of the sort of thing I eat on each of my shift weeks.

Breakfast on this shift, or my first meal, it's not normally breakfasty, is normally something quite substantial to keep me going from midday to around 6pm when I'll have my next meal. Today however, staying in bed for an extra half an hour won out and so I had a quick meal of some 98% fat free sweet chilli super noodles topped with hard boiled eggs and cheese. I know it sounds a bit odd, but for some reason I really like the combination, and it's super quick!

For work, as I've said before I like to take quite a lot so I can graze through my shift. I have three breaks whilst I'm at work, and will take something to eat at each of them. 

First break snackage was one of my HeB cereal bars and an apple

For my main meal, I had the soup I'd made yesterday and the leftover fail-afels, plus a yogurt. I still have plenty of soup left for at least another couple of days as well!

During my last break I had my other cereal bar. I'm lucky that at work cold drinks are normally available, as well as plenty of water, so had a 500ml bottle of water at two of my breaks and a 7Up Free during another. Was rather hard to resist the coffee machine when I started hitting the wall though, but I did it :)

I find the easiest way to resist the vending machine (full of crisps and chocolate) is not to take any money. I take my card for any emergencies on the way or way home, but don't take any change, besides, I always have plenty to eat so don't get tempted.

I'm lucky as I have Hague to do my meals for me when I'm working shifts, but today's meal was a pretty quick, low effort one anyway, and one that you could sort out for yourself quite easily after work. 

Roasted Vegetable Couscous

vegetable stock 

The tomato, pepper and onion were chopped quite roughly and roasted in the oven for about half an hour. Whilst they were roasting, the couscous was soaked in some vegetable stock and dried mixed herbs, until it had absorbed all the liquid. The the spinach leaves were stirred in, and the roasted veggies. Finally I topped it with 90g of mozzarella (45g HeA, the other 45g synned). Served with some steamed asparagus.

It tasted lovely, lots of flavour and the roasted vegetable flavour really soaked into the couscous. The perfect light meal for a late dinner, and of course I have a healthy tub full left ready for tomorrow's shift as well!

Food Diary

Free Food
98% fat free supernoodles
tomato soup
Irish diet yogurtcouscous
vegetable stock

Healthy Extras
A - 30g Cheddar, 45g Mozzarella
B - 2 Aldi Harvest Moon cereal bars


45g Mozzarella       6

Total                      6 syns

I'm classing today as a good day. I've come through my first proper shift at my proper job and survived. I took plenty of food and as such haven't felt hungry. Lets hope the next four days are the same! Apologies for the lateness of today's blog, but with this shift, this will be the time I update every day! 

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