Friday, 6 July 2012

Feeling Fruity!

After the Aldi shop yesterday the fridge is stuffed full of fruit and veggies, so plenty of opportunity for me to enjoy some fruit.

Back to work today though, so I took a little graze bag with me. Today's contained a laughing cow and salad sandwich, 2 of the Alid benefit bars, an Aldi fat free yogurt and some grapes, and my current obsession, Starbucks vanilla rooibos tea. That kept me going for work, but I was hungry when I got home, but I wanted something quick and easy.

Due to this blog, I felt I couldn't just have a bowl of pasta, so I roasted off some of the new potatoes from yesterday (in fry light) and had them with veggie meatballs in a creamy sauce and a salad. It was ready within 15 minutes.

As I've said, I just sprayed the roast potatoes with fry light and put them in the oven with the meat balls and left them there for 15 minutes. Despite my earlier comment about fresh veggies, I microwaved some frozen peas, asparagus and mushrooms and then mixed them in with some of the Aldi lighter soft cheese to create the creamy sauce. Easy peasy, and something a bit different for me. I'm quite impressed so far with the Aldi products, I must say - and as we're saving money as well, it's all good as far as I'm concerned!

After a large lunch, I didn't want anything too heavy for dinner, so I had a bowl of fresh pineapple and strawberries with a healthy dollop of fat free natural yogurt. It feels like such a treat for me, very decadent and full of sweet flavour, not diet food at all, and both strawberries and pineapple are speed foods as well. Win win there!

I've also joined a new FaceBook SW group, purely for vegetarian and green day recipes, so I'm hoping for lots of new recipes to try out and share with you :)

Today's Food Diary

Free Food
Optifit Active Fat Free Probiotic Yogurts (Aldi's)

Super Free Food
Fat free natural yogurt

Healthy Extras
A - 75g of medium fat soft cheese (Aldi's lighter soft cheese)
B - 2 slices of Hovis, 2 Aldi Harvest Morn Benefit 70 Cal Cereal Bars

2 laughing cow light triangles                    3 syns
1/2 pack of Asda meat free meatballs      1 1/2 syns

Total                                                       4 1/2

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