Wednesday, 18 July 2012

An Amazing Day!

Today was weigh in number 5. I was hoping to lose after last week's gain, but I wasn't expecting quite the loss I got....7lbs! I was utterly gobsmacked, and from now on I'll be sticking to just HeB, and not having bread (well, not having much bread - sometimes only toast will do!). The results speak for themself, I think being back to doing manual work must have helped as well, as I can't believe how much walking I do - as well as lifting and bending and stretching, who needs a gym? As I had to weigh in at 10am, and didn't get home after class until 11.30, once again it was a quick fix for "breakfast". Today was the zero effort meal of jacket potato, topped with spaghetti loops and some cheddar.

Always filling, so great for before work. Once again, leftovers came to the rescue for lunch at work. The extra pasta cooked last night was generously doused with some fat free vinegarette once it had cooled down, then this morning, I (for I, read Hague) threw in some lettuce, tomato, cucumber and some mixed beans. With that, and my usual cereal bars, apple and yogurt, my breaks were sorted :) 

I made quite a pleasant discovery at work today as well. The fridge was devoid of anything diet or sugar free, or even water and so I thought I'd see just how much damage I'd do by treating myself to a can of Tango...can you believe a can of orange Tango is just 3 syns?? Second gobsmack moment of the day, and as it's my fave fizzy I might just treat myself a wee bit more often now.

Home safe and sound and as always my wonderful boyfriend had dinner waiting. I'd had a bit of a nosey in the cupboard (payday is Friday and the cupboards are getting bare.) and saw that we had about a quarter of a jar of Asda Smart Price mild curry sauce, I thought it might be a bit heavy on syns, but a quarter jar was only 4 1/2 syns. I wasn't sure if it would have enough sauce to cover all my veggies and provide a sauce, but it did the job perfectly.

Look at all that curry! For a mere 4 1/2 syns (well 6, as the Asda chicken pieces have syns), but I was rather impressed with just how far the sauce went. Let's be honest, sometimes only convenience will do, so if you can find a lower syn sauce, it's always good, and a jar of it costs just 17p, and for that you'll get 4 SW meals easily, what a bargain!

So there you go, I'm sure you'll agree today was definitely a good day, just to cap it all off, I shattered my own steps record at work today, racking up 5.1 miles!

Phew, what a day! All that remains is to share my food diary - and to once again thank you all for reading, and sticking with me and these late posts! :)

Food Diary

Free Food
spaghetti loops
mixed bean salad
Aldi yogurt

Healthy Extras
A - 30g Cheddar
B - 2 Harvest Moon Aldi cereal bars


2 cans of Tango                     6
Asda chicken style pieces      1 1/2
Asda Curry Sauce                 4 1/2

Total syns                              12

A lot of syns for me, but still within the 15 a day limit! Tomorrow's food diary may be even more basic as the stocks of food in the cupboard drop down some more hehe!

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