Thursday, 5 July 2012

An Aldi Adventure

As I'm sure is the same for most people, budgeting is now a way of life. We normally do our weekly shop at Asda, but after seeing the phenomenal value of the Super Six fruit and veggies (and eating punnet after punnet of 99p strawberries) I figured we had nothing to lose by trying out Aldi for our main weekly shop.

I'd got some advice, such as the Harvest Moon cereal bars being HeB choices (2 of them) and used my SW app to check syns as I walked around the shop. I was pleasantly surprised to find things like a huge tub of fat free natural yogurt for 55p, cherry tomatoes for the same price and most of the fruit and veg was definitely cheaper than the supermarket. I'm hoping the low fat soft cheese I found is a HeA choice as well, as it was a darn sight cheaper than Philly light at just 59p. So first impressions are very good, I guess the actual value will become clear during the week when I'll discover just how fresh the fruit and veggies are!

As exciting as visiting Aldi was, today was also the day the Olympic Torch relay made it's way to my town of Great Yarmouth, and luckily my manager allowed me to take today off, and pay him back a day later. This meant a lie in, and the chance to indulge in one of my favourite breakfasts!

Eggs fried in fry light are syn free, and a couple of those, with tinned tomatoes on toast is a definite breakfast must have for me. Delicious and filling, what more do you want from breakfast? As I didn't have breakfast until late, it was more brunch really, and then had a nap when I got in, lunch was skipped ( I know, very naughty).

For dinner I was going to cook the Baked Gnocchi from the July magazine, but once again I have failed to do the prep work! Checking the fridge I saw I still had some Jersey Royals which I love, so that were always going to be a large part of dinner, which was a courgette, cheddar and mushroom omelette with stilton potato salad and some salad on the side.

The omelette and side salad are pretty self explanatory, but the potato salad really does taste like a deliciously naughty version and it's only two syns, so the recipe is below.

Jersey Royal potatoes ( I didn't weight them, just chopped up quite a few).
Fat free natural yoghurt 
Asda extra light mayonnaise (2 tbsp for 2 syns) Hellman's is only 1/2 a syn a tbsp, but hey, I'm on a budget!
Spring onions
30g of Stilton (HeB)

I cooked the potatoes, drained them and left them to cool slightly, then I sprinkled over the crumbled Stilton whilst they were still warm and left them whilst I cooked the omelette. When the omelette was under the grill (I always cook them that way to melt the cheese on top) I added the mayonnaise and about the same about of yoghurt, then tossed in the chopped spring onions, salt and pepper and mixed it all together. It does taste very decadent, and if you eat meat, I'm sure some crisped up bacon (with all the fat cut off of course) would work in it a treat!

Todays Food Diary

Free Food

Super Free Food
chopped tomatoes
cherrry tomatoes
fat free natural yogurt
spring onions

Healthy Extras
A - 2 x 30g of Cheddar
B - 30g Stilton, 2 slices of wholemeal Hovis (400g loaf)

2 tbsp of Asda extra light mayo  2 syns
1 tbsp of honey                          2 1/2 syns

Total                                         4 1/2 syns


I was rather in a sweet mood after dinner, so I treated myself to my favourite dessert, strawberries with a tbsp of Yorkshire flower honey, divine, sweet and just 2 1/2 syns :)

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