Wednesday, 25 February 2015

A Very Grown Up Day....

Today I have mostly retreated from the adult world. As you do....To be honest, I was shocked to be awake at just after 10am as it hadn't been a great night, with me and Hague both unable to sleep and so a lot of the night was spent chatting and reading rather than sleeping. So when I woke up just after 10 actually feeling okay, it was a huge shock! Perhaps there's something in this pacing lark...except for the not sleeping bit, that wasn't so great....

Anyway...I got up, and had myself a pretty fuss free breakfast.

Muesli, fruit and yogurt, job done. I had a cuppa or two, and as I was ahead of schedule decided to jig around my daily timetable and got one horrible job out of the way with a quick phone call to my mortgage company to ask (very nicely) for a bit of leeway as I'm now on half pay, with that successfully out of the way, next on the agenda was heading into town, for some very essential purchases...

Told you they were essentials ;o) To be fair, we did also get some dog food too before heading home for me to have a relax/meditation session whilst Hague cooked lunch.

No superfree, but it was damn fine! I then got onto my main task of the day, colouring. Assisted by Ms Tinkerbell...

Unfortunately, she tends to smudge! Hague also managed to coax our new family member out for a quick cuddle and a bit of reassurance before she decided to hide behind the sofa again. Poor sausage, hopefully she'll feel more settled soon, as I'm sure you'll agree that she is a very beautiful Pussmph.

Bless her nervous little socks! The rest of the evening has pretty much been spent ignoring the tasks on my phone as they popped up, preferring to carry on with my colouring rather than the cleaning the loo and bedroom tidying I had planned for the day. 

When it comes to pacing though, any task uses energy, be it physical or mental, and so I still need to watch myself as too much colouring, as it does need concentration, could cause as much harm as overdoing it on anything physical. A break ensues in the shape of the Comic Relief Bake Off, a double portion, as seeing as Hague enjoyed tonight's I forced asked him if he wanted to watch the first episode with Dame Edna.....comedy gold, if you've not seen it yet, get thee to iPlayer and get it watched, it's fantastic.

I digress, dinner happened too, followed by a very lazy dessert...

Pasta salad, followed by some cherries and my HeB. I'll probably end the day with a hot chocolate again, which pushes my syns up to a whopping 6 for the day. I must bid you farewell for now, as my fairies just won't colour themselves! 


Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Planning and Pacing

Once more it's been an age since I blogged, my 40th has been and gone, my health is still shocking and we've had to say goodbye to my precious JadeyPuss too.

I miss her terribly, and the house doesn't seem right without a cat. Life really does seem to be intent on kicking us whilst we're down at the moment, and so for budgetary reasons - half pay is now looming as I've been off work for too long - when we made the decision to get back on plan, we decided to plan our meals out.

It meant our food bill came in at £27 this week, which is marvellous, and whilst I didn't eat too much yesterday as I spent most of the day sleeping, what I did eat was on plan. I finally got some information through yesterday from the local ME/CFS clinic, which contained some ways to help combat the extreme tiredness that I'm suffering. One of the tools was pacing, where you plan out your day to include specific rest times. Times when you are literally doing nothing but relaxing, so not even reading or watching TV as all will "drain your battery" as it were. So today was entirely mapped out, here's hoping it helps!

So, as per my plan, I set my alarm for midday and got up and sorted out my breakfast, just something light as Hague was already thinking about lunch!

As pacing means that any activities deemed "high energy" which can vary from going for a walk, going shopping or watching a new film or reading a new book, needs to be sandwiched by rest, after breakfast and a bit of TV I had my first relaxation moment, spending 20 minutes listening to a meditation app I'd downloaded. We then headed off to pick up our new addition. Much as losing Jadey broke my heart, and she can never be replaced, our home just doesn't seem right now without a cat, and so when a friend reached out to us, looking for a new home for her bullied cat.....we couldn't say no....

So now, our menagerie has a new member:

This little sweetheart is Phoenix, who has spent the last few months being bullied by another cat and so we've welcomed her into our home, although right now she's hiding under the sofa - who can blame her? Hopefully she'll settle in soon enough so she can start getting smothered with love and spoilt rotten :o)

After picking her up it was time to chill out a bit before lunch.

A bloody gorgeous cheesey pasta bake made my Hague! In my strictly planned day, more TV then happened (as well as texting TOK, can't really plan in something you do practically all day) before I had a hour to do some tidying. This is where I've been going wrong with trying to push through my tiredness. When I feel quite awake and lively I try and cram in doing everything that I'm normally too tired to do, all this does is delay that tiredness and so when I do sleep I will sleep for far, far too long - the leaflet calls this boom and bust and it's what I've been mistakenly doing for many months trying to force myself better. It doesn't work! I've been getting frustrated with not being able to do things, and so tidying will feature a lot in my planning, just in small chunks, I did an hour today, and followed it with relaxation.

Slight hiccup with my 5pm relaxation as Hague came bounding upstairs, shouting at me to let me know it was time to relax, when I'd already started my meditation lol! I must admit the meditation apps do seem to chill me out, but I'll be varying them with other things like audio books too. They also make me hungry, as I needed a snack once I was done!

Then it was time for the general TV/Internet/Reading trinity which marks my days, followed by colouring, I don't care that I'm 40.

Hague had put dinner in the slow cooker before he went kickboxing, so at 8pm sharp it was time to eat, a simple mix of stock, mixed veggies and lentils.

Once I'd put bread fishies in there, I was stuffed and so the other slice, rather than being eaten  because it was there, was put back *polishes halo*

I'm actually ahead of my schedule, blogging now, but I figured I'd get it down before I was too tired, and that leaves more time spare to plan tomorrow and do me some more colouring ;o)

Food diary has shifted to MyFitnessPal, to save my fingers, so feel free to add me on there, and I also post up my food pics during the day on Instagram if you want to find me there too!

Here's hoping that my scary new starting weight of 22st 10lbs is soon just a blot on the horizon as I head back down to target once more :o) Thanks for staying with me through thick and thin (and thick again) Your support is fabulous.


Sunday, 4 January 2015

Onwards into 2015

I haven't posted since my big ol' ranty rant on Tuesday, a whole year ago, sort of, and so I figured it was about time I updated you. Although, not a huge amount has happened I'm afraid!

We saw the New Year in just the two of us, well two of us, one Basset, one cat and two Pugs and much, much Jack Daniels, but I was actually quite proud of myself. I had a fair old amount to drink, but I stuck to spirits with diet mixer, and my meals were all on plan - although I did succumb to a packet of chocolate digestives. Compared to what could have happened (crap food, wine, pizza) I thought we were pretty restrained. I did dress up in an effort to make the night special though, and we had my 2014 Memory Jar to read through too, something I'll be repeating this year too.

As I'm utterly broken a few drinks and a late night meant that I stayed in bed for pretty much the whole of New Year's Day - so not a great one for my long suffering Hague :o( 

Life gets back to normal after that doesn't it? Our decorations came down - leaving the house looking all sad and empty - and we were both back on the wagon on the 1st. 

I've not made any actual resolutions this year, although I've decided to do a selfie every day, not entirely sure why, an easy way to do a 365 project I guess, and of course I'll still be taking pictures of all my food too. I would love to be at target before the end of the year, it would need a loss of over 2lbs a week though, so we shall see. Do things count as resolutions if you WILL do them? Hmmm, if so, perhaps I do have some....

Lose this weight again.
Get running again
Get out on Margot again
Get myself healthy and back to work.

All do-able :o) 

So although life has been insanely boring, involving nothing more than watching films, sleeping, eating, reading and taking selfies it HAS been on plan. Little steps will get me there after all.

This weekend's food...

Food d'jour is definitely the waffles, as I had them on Friday and Saturday. They'd been something that have been off my radar forever, but a SW friend who moved away donated the contents of her freezer to us, and in there was a part box of Asda waffles, 3½ syns each, but totally worth it :o)

I hope my life gets a tad more interesting soon, but for now I'll settle for getting myself back on plan, and hopefully getting my medication all kicked in so I'm able to get back to work - as I say - little steps :o)

For those that want to see all my foody noms, check out my instagram account, I'm MinxyMissK on there, you can find my account HERE . For my full food diaries, I'm on MyFitnessPal too, on there I'm TheMinxyMissK, and my diaries are public - again, just click HERE to find me. 

I shall leave it there for now, and this will probably be the last update before I get on those scales for my first week verdict! Eep!


Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Defying Slimming World

I know I like to rebel, but little did I realise I'd be rebelling against Slimming World, the organisation that have felt like a friend for most of my adult life. I would drift back time and again as the plan worked for me.

I'd follow good old Green days and the weight would shift. The only reason the weight didn't stay off was due to my falling off plan and eating my body weight in crap food, it wasn't down to the Green plan. Well, now, apparently, Green doesn't work, people don't lose weight on it......

....I beg to differ here!

I'm sure I'm not the only Green day devotee out there who feels snubbed by this move. Extra Easy may be an easy plan to follow, but for me, it offers no good reason to ditch my extra Healthy Extra choices, especially the cheesey HeB choices that are only offered on a Green day...a life without Stilton? Not for me. There is a good reason that cheese is offered as a Healthy Extra, it is a source of protein, maybe one with fat content too, but that is why it's a measured amount, something that isn't offered on Extra Easy, so I'm losing a source of protein on my vegetarian diet by switching to EE.

Of course, I could use my syns on that cheese, and on an additional A choice, so I'd be left with just 8 syns to play with, or 3 when I drop down to the standard 15 syns. Could you easily stick to plan with 8 syns a day? Or 3? Didn't think so.  Of course, I could always choose between tea and coffee and a portion of cheese a day, and have cereal, OR cereal bars OR bread. Thing is, when I have tried to do that in the past, I've become grumpy and miserable, having to choose between coffee or a treat in the evening, having to cut out my sweet treat of an Alpen light or Hi-Fi bar makes me feel like I'm on a diet, makes me feel restricted and makes me fall off plan. Wasn't the whole ethos behind Slimming World that you can make the plan work for you? For me the three plans of Red, Green and Extra Easy were probably the best portfolio of plans Slimming World have ever had, and believe me, I've seen a few. I was there when it was just Red and Green, and when they introduced Mix to Max (remember that??) and of course the huge success that is Extra Easy. 

If you're a red day devotee, you'll be okay, just go with the new Extra Easy SP plan, half a plate of veg and half a plate of protein. Jobs a good'un. It's the plan that has replaced Success Express, and for me, makes it practically unusable. It would mean a week of meals that are half veg and half beans/pulses/plain quorn chunks/mince. So much for no food is banned eh Slimming World?

I shall stop ranting now, I'm sure you can all appreciate that I'm upset and frustrated at what I see as pointless changes. It's all very well saying I can still follow Green, well yes I can. For now. Already there is a new syns online on the website, showing only EE syns, how much longer before all support for the Red and Green plans are quietly dropped and it's a case of EE or nothing? Even now I'm questioning whether it's worth me going to group anymore as I was told the Green plan will not be talked about, so why am I paying that money? 

For now it's time to try defying Slimming World, I think I'll try defying Slimming World....

This girl is green, through and bloody through - and I now have an even bigger bit between my teeth to prove Slimming World wrong, to show you can  bloody well lose on Green. Just watch me fly ;o)

Oh, and here's the food I've been eating over the last few that's sort of why you're all here right? ;o)

Hopefully I've not upset too many of you with my rantings, but I feel justified in feeling angry and upset. Why fix what isn't broke, why upset the multitudes of vegetarians who stick to the Green plan. Oh, and don't patronise us by wheeling out a vegetarian consultant who thinks that courgette strips can replace pasta and roasted butternut squash is the same as roasted spuds. 

Monday, 29 December 2014


Well, here we are again. A New Year is almost upon us and unfortunately I'm nowhere near where I wanted to be just 7 weeks away from my 40th birthday.

I shall not be at target by then. In fact I'll weigh closer to what I did in February 2012 (before SW). Only one person is to blame. Me. Simple as that. I've had health issues this year, and frustration, anxiety and depression have all played their part, as well as the more physical issue of my thyroid wonking out.

None of that made me stuff my face with rubbish though, I'd faced issues before and stayed strong throughout. Somewhere in the summer I totally lost my way and eating rubbish became my new hobby, now I have to face up to that, face up to my huge gain - I'm back at group tomorrow - and face up to the fact that I'll be up in the 20st range once more and that I have a whole lot of work to do to get back into my gorgeous clothes!

So that's the situation. Today I am back on plan. Tomorrow I am back at group and my journey shall start again. Hopefully this time I won't fall off in such a spectacular way!

Monday, 24 November 2014

The Doctors, Sleep, Eat Cycle!

I had said I wanted to blog a bit more regularly, but right now, with me feeling so knackered all the time, not a lot is actually going on, and I figured I didn't want to bore you to death with tales of sleeping and eating and not much else...

The last few days have been a bit more interesting, so a blog wouldn't go amiss :o) I have been on plan though, so am hoping for another loss tomorrow!

Yesterday was pretty bad. I slept until 2.30, only emerging as we were due to attend a local Xmas lights turn on as Harbour Radio representatives. It was rather good fun, but damn was it cold - freezing cold. And raining. This limited our activities to mostly huddling under a gazebo, although I managed a bit of bucket rattling, hardly the most gruelling of days, but we got home, had a hot chocolate and a bath and I was ready for bed. Just over 6 hours out of bed and I was exhausted. SO not right :o(

Today was another early start - I took Hague to work, with a few quick noms inside me...

 and then after he'd done we got straight to the Doctors for the results of a thyroid function test. Lo and behold hypothyroidism is looming as I'm at a subclinical level. What that means is that my thyroid is on the way out, and I am now starting on tablets to normalise my thyroid function. The reason I've been feeling tired, anxious and depressed is starting to become clearer! Vitamin D deficiency makes you tired, hypothyroidism makes you wonder I'm spending my days barely functioning!!  

I know it sounds odd, but I'm pleased. Hypothyroidism explains a hell of a lot, including my weight plateau, my terrible memory and the headaches as well as the tiredness. I'll be glad to get on the tablets, and hopefully start to feel more like myself. I've been signed off for another 6 weeks to give the tablets time to kick in, and I do desperately home they do. I've had enough of feeling awful! Anyway, after a nap, we had to get ourselves ready for our radio show, as it's now extended to 3 hours, so it was a quick lunch before we had to head out.

Lunches don't come much more bargain basement than this...10p bag of stir fry veg, 29p Aldi sauce packet and 2 eggs. Less than a quid! Perfect for our squeezed financial household, I've spent £32 on bloody prescriptions in two weeks O.o

The radio show went well, but after just 3 hours of sitting and doing that concentrating thing I was shattered again, and so dinner was very much of a  quick and lazy variety.

Due to most of today's food being in bowls I was left with a small cereal bowl to squeeze my dinner into - was still yummy though. Just pasta with Quorn chilled bacon, courgette, mushrooms and LowLow, plus a lovely fruity dessert.

As it's nearly 9 o'clock there won't be much of this evening left, so all that awaits is to watch the rest of the Angry Video Game Nerd film, have me a milky hot chocolate and get myself back into bed! Roll on the day when I spend more hours out of it than in! least I am now the proud owner of a pill organiser....does this mean I'm middle aged??

It'll never happen to me.... ;o)

Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Sleeping and Sitting

Not the most exciting of days here at the MitchyHague abode I'm afraid. Sleep has been the main activity of the day, mostly due to barely sleeping last night and so I was hideously tired when I took Hague to work - accompanied with a quick snack so as to keep myself going...

I do love these HiFi bars, they remind me of Picnics :o) Anyway, once I was back home it was back to bed for me, where it took me ages to nod off again, hence me staying there until 2:30. Bad Karen! Obviously I woke up hungry, with not a huge amount of desire to cook anything too demanding and so it was a stir fry that did the job for lunch.

In the stir fry I used an Aldi sachet sauce, which are just 29p, and this one (Hoisin and Garlic) comes in at 6½ syns for the packet, which I don't think is too bad as they taste lovely. Dessert was simple. I then did a lot of sitting and watching of the IT Crowd before Hague headed to work again and I got around to the important business of sitting some more, this time covered with all of the animals..

I did manage to move them for long enough to get myself a snack...

...followed up later on by an old favourite, cous cous quiche, which I made using some of the leftovers from yesterday.

This one had courgette, mushrooms and onion inside with a HeA of Cheddar on the top and it was just as nice as it normally is! I then watched Masterchef followed up with the second series of The Great British Bake Off whilst nattering to TOK via iMessage. A need for something sweet then came over me, nothing to do with watching cake week on GBBO I'm sure, and I had the brainwave of splashing out 5 whole syns on a simple, but luscious snack.

I was pleasantly surprised to discover that jam is only ½ a syn a teaspoon, which means that a tablespoon is just 1½, and I had one of those on each slice. It was the perfect thing to savour whilst watching such lovely baking on the TV, and definitely a good use of a HeB and 5 syns as far as I'm concerned! 

So with the evening drawing to a close, and another blood test looming tomorrow, I'm hoping I sleep so that I'm not all of a state in the morning, mind you, as I'm now on 4 tablets a day, getting myself some sleeping tablets will hardly make a difference!  So my day has been pretty boring, and has ended up with me on 16 syns (I'm now allowed 20 due to my weight, which I am using as and when I need them). It's definitely getting easier to stay on plan, long may it last!