Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Meandering with Margot

I had very few plans for today, I had a parcel to pick up, coffee to buy and my Slimming World group to attend, and so no alarm was set and I didn't stir until nearly midday. Lovely. 

I settled into the Girl Nest with a large coffee and started my day in a similar vein to most days, nattering to TOK whilst I pondered breakfast. In the end, I went with low effort once more.

Both my HeB's worth of the weetabix chocolate chip mini's, with a banana and pear plus a yogurt. It set me up nicely for the day, as did a rather lovely surprise in the post from my Consultant, Claire.

How lovely is that? She has been there for me every step of the way - and I know she will continue to do so. It means so very much to know you have support like that, that's for sure. With breakfast out of the way, I could venture outside, with Margot, to get the bits of shopping and my parcel. It's still so much fun! Although I was a bit worried when I had to leave her all locked up, but so far she's been safe each time, even when I left her whilst I had a search for a door stop in town, as we have living room door issues once more - a broken catch this time, so to prevent it banging all bloody day, a door stop was needed. 

Anyway, enough of the never-ending tales of the falling apart-ness of the house, and back onto food. Once I got back indoors, I was rather peckish, and so threw together a snacky kind of lunch to keep me going whilst I was at group.

Despite being at target, I'll still be attending group every week. I love going, and wouldn't miss it. I enjoy catching up with everyone, and seeing how everyone is getting on - and my issues with the scales won't stop that. Of course, I took Margot along :o) We had a bit of a mini taster too, with samples of the ChocShot, which was rather damn delicious, might have to pick some up on payday! Whilst I was at group, Hague got a bit started on dinner, so it only required minimal effort from me once I'd got back in.

Boiled potatoes with honey and mustard dressing, a delish feta and veggie omelette and some beetroot and pepper on the side, quite the summery dinner there, despite the weather not being too fabulous. At least it's stayed dry whilst I've been exploring here, there and everywhere....sort of. Once I'd eaten dinner, I decided that I needed a Danio yogurt. Alas, I had eaten the last one yesterday and when I asked TOK and Hague whether I should ride to Tesco and get one, the result was a yes, and so once more me and Margot headed out, this time with lights on for the first time, and collected some Danio's, reduced veggie soup mix and some reduced eggs. Not too shabby! 

With my legs feeling rather weary, and my tummy rather full with this delicious dessert..

...I think it's time for me and Margot to call it a night, although only I shall be having a long soak with a cuppa, she'll be resting up against the sofa instead.

Food Diary (Green)

Free Food
Activia 0% yogurt
Aldi pineapple cottage cheese
Quorn swedish meatballs
cherry tomatoes
salad potatoes

Healthy Extras
A - 350ml skimmed milk
A - 45g Feta cheese
B - (both) - 30g Weetabix chocolate mini's

tbsp ketchup                                                     1
2 tsp choco shot (at group)                                1 
2 tbsp Kraft light honey and mustard dressing     2
Danio blueberry yogurt                                      3
salted caramel HiFi bar                                     6

Total syns                                                          13

I'm feeling so much more relaxed now it's unbelievable. I'm chilled out about the food I'm eating, not stressing about portion sizes or calories, just following good old Green days and not worrying. I feel a million times better than I have in weeks and weeks. It was definitely the right decision to call target for now and as I've changed my focus to my final Body Magic award, my 95 minutes of meandering with Margot will certainly help me get there! 

Methinks I might ache tomorrow though - and I also need to get myself out for a run to ensure I don't die whilst attempting to run the full 5K of Race for Life in a few weeks....which I may have already mentioned a few times....as I'm still quite a bit away from my £500 target, and any sponsorship at all would be very, very gratefully received, and it really couldn't be easier you know - just click the sponsorship link below and follow the instructions! Easy peasy! 

Sponsorship Link

Thank you so very much xx

Adjusting My Focus

Once again, an absence from blogging, not so much due to laziness this time, more down to trying to see the bigger picture.

Way back in 2012 when I first signed up at Claire's Slimming World group, I knew my journey would be a long one. I guess I didn't anticipate just how hard it would be though, I figured my determination and sticking to the plan would be enough. My body has proved time and again that that simple equation just wouldn't be enough.

Despite the ups and downs of my journey I've stuck with it, however, the last few months have been awful. Any of you that read regularly will know the frustration and upset that the scales have been causing me. Despite following plan, the losses just haven't been coming, and the frustration and upset have just been getting worse.

I walked into the morning weigh in last week, on Wednesday. A day later than normal, and a morning rather than evening weigh in to boot, to be greeted by yet another gain. "Just" half a lb, but it put me yet again a lb heavier than I was at Christmas, and I spent the meeting in tears once more.

When I started, I wanted to get into sz14 clothes. I was unsure what weight that would be, as I'd never been there as an adult, so the figure of 12st was plucked out of the air to be my target. Later on, I decided that I wanted to be a "healthy" weight according to the much maligned BMI charts, so reset my target to 11st. My body has had other ideas, refusing to let me get below 13st 9½lbs no many what food I do or don't throw at it, so the decision has been made. I am at target. I didn't want to let Claire give me my badge and certificate as it would feel wrong. I'm not at the target I want to get to, I'm almost being forced by my body to choose this path. One thing that calling target will do is stop me panicking about the scales. After a chat with Claire, I shall be weighing just once a month or so, to ensure I'm still in target range, and apart from that I won't be getting on them. I shall take a deep breath and enjoy that original target of mine - those sz14 clothes, that have size 12 and 10 wardrobe mates now, that fit. I shall enjoy my fitness levels and my new bike, my love of running and that other target - running Race for Life. So many of the reasons I gave via this blog for losing weight have been achieved, one size tights, fitting my arse into chairs, not getting red and sweaty after walking anywhere, shopping in any shop. It's time to enjoy what I've achieved rather than stressing about what I've decided I haven't.

I shall stop stressing about numbers on a scale that never reflect my adherence to the Slimming World plan, I shall stop trying to follow this, that and every other plan and stick with my favourite Green days and once a month, I shall see what's happening. I shall relax and enjoy my life, my food and the person I now am. One thing I won't be doing is straying off plan, as myself and Hague have been doing that this weekend. Indulging ourselves in all sorts of things, Easter eggs, hot cross buns, pizza, and general food of much beige-ness and crap. Whilst we started off enjoying it, we ended up feeling sick and stuffed and both of us craving good, wholesome, healthy Slimming World food once more, today it has been a relief to return to plan, so here we are, back again on familiar territory.....with a rather big catch up and then getting a good SW food diary :o)

The weekend was a whirlwind really, with lots of bad food....

I didn't eat the enormous hot cross bun though, that was a present for The Parentals...I did counteract some of the over-eating when I picked up my new favourite thing ever...

Yes, I finally have my bike, which is beautiful and amazing and such fun to ride, and has been christened Margot. I also picked up some essentials for my MayCation with TOK...

...and had some rather lovely family time, involving many selfies...

Add in the fabulous drunken, chattery, film night with my BBFF (Boy Best Friend Forever lol) and it's been rather a spiffing weekend indeed, but with all the eating, drinking and being merry over with for now, it's time to get back on the wagon and get you all up to date once more.

Monday, and a day when I woke up after a huge old sleep, no alarm, nothing to get up for, and so Hague left me in bed, I finally stirred at 2pm, feeling rather peckish and so headed downstairs. All the remaining crap had been lovingly fed into our cute little hairy dustbin and so I made myself a small, simple breakfast, all deliciously on plan.

Muesli, fruit and yogurt, with a green tea - simple but tasty. I then got settled into my girl nest whilst Hague watched a few films and I caught up with Masterchef and The Great British Menu, and soon he fancied something to eat, me, being a very lovely girlfriend had insisted he let me run around after him today to properly rest up and so I rustled him up some baked potatoes and salad whilst I had some veggie soup I'd found in the fridge.

I then got myself out to have another lovely bike ride, such a fabulous feeling to just be zooming along under your own steam. I totally love it! We still haven't really found a home for Margot though, so she's currently in the lounge - which I rather like as I can look at her all the time and it adds a certain kookery to the house! Unsurprisingly, after a few days where we've been eating and eating and eating, it wasn't too long before I was hungry again and so got to work on dinner, with me and Hague sort of having the same this time, the only difference was I had Quorn chunk and he had turkey. The rest of the pasta, vegetable and cheese mix was the same, a rarity!

It did use up the last of my squiggly octopus spaghetti though :o( After dinner, I decided I needed a bath as I was feeling a bit achey after my hour of riding and so got myself chilled out with some more catch up telly and a coffee, whilst chatting away to all and sundry! After the bath, I was peckish once more and so did myself a quick snacky type meal to tide me over.

Just some of the syn free Quorn sausages in wholemeal baps accompanied by some carrots and a Danio, plus yet more tea with my HeA of milk that's been keeping me going all day :o)

So here I am, all content after a lovely day on plan, settled in my girl nest with a JadeyPuss nestled in next to me and Dead Snow on the tellybox, a rather nice end to a fabulous weekend and a good note to start my week off with. 

Food Diary (Green)

Free Food
Activia 0% yogurt
homemade veggie soup 
cherry tomatoes
Quorn chunks
low fat Quorn sausages

Healthy Extras
A - 350 skimmed milk
A - 75g soft cheese
B - 40g Dorset Cereals simply fruity muesli
B - 60g wholemeal bread

Jacob's cheese baked oddities                5½
25g soft cheese                                       2
20g wholemeal bread                              2
tbsp ketchup                                           1
Danio blueberry yogurt                            3

Total syns                                               13½

It's good to be back, and hopefully calling target will chill me out nicely, and allow my body to get used to where it is so I can be in the right frame of mind to push onwards to 11 stone when the time is right! 

Oh.....and feel free to sponsor me in my efforts to run Race for Life! The sponsorship page is right HERE I hope you've all had a fabulous Easter, and are finding it easy getting yourselves back on track! 


Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Five In A Flash!

It's been a very odd few days, very much out of the normal routine and as such, blogging has fallen by the wayside a tad, I do apologise!

I shall whizz through as best as I can, hopefully keeping to that fine line between getting you up to date and not boring you to death with the in's and out's of what's been happening in the Mitchy Hague household. Firstly, not long after I last put fingers to keyboard, I was shouted awake by Hague, whose calf muscle, which had been playing him up for a while, had finally given out on him, so I had to get him safely to bed before getting back to sleep before my early alarm. So Friday turned out to be BUSY....once work was done..(fuelled by food looking rather like this...)

..I got myself home and changed in time to get his Hague-ness to the doctor to see what he'd done. The verdict was a nasty tear in one of his lower leg muscles and at least 6 weeks without Muay Thai (kickboxing) until it was mended. It also meant he couldn't make the journey to see his boys at the weekend either. So it wasn't a very happy Hague that I left on the sofa whilst I got on with the rest of my rushing around...First, to Gorleston, to pick up my new t-shirt..

..and also to head to FarmFoods to stock up on frozen fruit, then it was to Tesco, Aldi and Asda to get the main bulk of the week's shopping. I then headed out to pick up some crutches so at least my poor invalid could get himself around! By the time I got myself sat down it was gone 7, I was starving, and so dinner was very quick!

Late night snackage was also munched before we headed up to bed.

As I'd had two weeks of early starts, I shouldn't have been surprised when I woke up quite bright and early. I got myself up, breakfasted - 

and then got myself nice and cosy in my Girl Nest. I really have made myself at home on the new reclining armchair!

Once Hague was up we headed into town for a general mooch, mainly as we just wanted to get ourselves out. Back home, I ate things that looked like this...

...whilst rocking yet another new t-shirt that looked quite a lot like this...

Although we then had a disaster when Hague discovered that his new game was unplayable as the wibbly bit of his PS3 remote was broken. This is apparently quite essential to game playing, and so we had a late night foraging mission to Asda and Tesco to try and find one. With no luck :o( So I had something else to do on Sunday, after work, yes, I did me some money-grabbing, but first, Saturday night, which shaped up like this...

I *may* have picked up more Kinder eggs whilst shopping....and we now have 7 super hero's and only one duplicate, not too shabby! 

Anyway, for some reason, when I was offered Sunday overtime, I said yes. My pending speeding fine might have had something to do with it, and so it was once again that I dragged myself out of bed at stupid o'clock and headed into work. It wasn't the hardest day's work I'd ever done that's for sure, as mostly we cleaned a bit, then drank coffee, then did a bit more cleaning, interspersed with much chatting as it was in my old department, with my old team, and so I did a lot of rather lovely catching up as well. Obviously, with lots of breaks, that meant quite a lot of food too.

Once home,  it was a quick lunch before heading into town on the PS3 controller mission.

Argos yielded the much needed controller, and with a quick visit to a few other shops, we headed home and got started on dinner.

Roast dinner, followed by rice pudding. Lush. Onto Monday then, and back to work once more, at least this week it's a later shift, 2-10, which means time for a cooked breakfast!

Then it was work, where I was back to normality (very almost) as I'm back on my usual machine, on my usual hours - just with someone else to help out should my brain melt. I didn't feel anxious or anything either. Progress indeed :o) I even had something a bit different for lunch at work, Quorn meatballs with gnocchi.

In my continuing efforts to get the weight moving again I have been paying special attention to whether I am hungry or not before I eat, hence not having too much to eat at work. When I got home, I thought I'd be starving, but barely managed more than a few mouthfuls of soup.

I did manage to eat the Ryvita mini's though, and then rice pudding for dessert ;o)

Then, rather than blogging, I snuggled up in my Girl Nest and watched a few episodes of the Great British Menu before being sent to bed for falling asleep! Oops!

Here we are then, today, Tuesday! Despite not having the biggest dinner, I didn't wake up feeling massively hungry and so went with something rather light for breakfast.

Weetabix chocolate crispy mini's with a couple of plums and a banana with 200ml of the unsweetened Alpro almond milk, which made a nice change and tasted rather nice. Then it was time to get ready for work, a bit earlier than normal, as I was on a Hague requested, Easter based mission to pick up yet more Marvel Kinder eggs.

Mission accomplished :o)

Then it was time for work, which went reasonably quickly, with once again no anxiety to speak off, although I was rather narked by the fact that my sponsor form has gone missing - so had to find more online. Goodness only knows why someone decided to remove it :o( Anyway, a reasonable shift, with this lot of food - 

Quite a lot of food today, but I was definitely peckish! Didn't stop me putting dinner away almost as soon as I got home though!

I even have plenty of risotto left for lunch tomorrow, not too shabby at all. 

Food Diary - (Tuesday) - Extra Easy

Free Food
vegetable soup
Shape pineapple and coconut 0% yogurt
Quorn chicken style fillets
risotto rice
pearl barley
summer fruits

Healthy Extras
A - 75g soft cheese
B - 30g Weetabix crispy mini's (chocolate)

200ml Alpro unsweetened almond milk           1
Fish n Chips                                                   6
Liberte honey yogurt                                      1½

Total syns                                                      8½             

So that's the basics of the last five days covered. As you can (probably) see, I've stuck with Extra Easy for yet another week. In an effort to ensure that I'm not wildly over or under eating, I'm also tracking my food on My Fitness Pal to see what sort of calorie levels I'm at, and nothing is sticking out as yet. We shall see. I've not weighed in today, mainly as I was at work, so I'll be weighing in tomorrow. I have lost for the last 2 weeks, but not a real loss, as it's taken me those two weeks of losses to get rid of the 3lb gain from 3 weeks ago. It's been a long hard slog, mainly mentally and I'm struggling not to let the whole issue of losing weight take over my life at the moment - I'm questioning everything I eat, everything I do wondering what it is that's causing such an issue right now.    

After weigh in tomorrow morning, I'll decide how to move forward next week. I'm still not enjoying EE as much as the other plans, so will more than likely have a week of Success Express with a few Green days to change things up. Who knows, perhaps I'll have a huge loss and I'll be all happy and smiley when I get off those scales....


...I do hope so, as I am currently fighting a craving, a huge craving, to treat myself to a large, luxury, naughty, extravagant Easter egg. Staying strong will be much, much easier if I'm finally working towards a new award again! I do want to say a huge, huge thank you to everyone who has messaged me with advice to help me get through this sticky patch. I apologise if I haven't responded, but I have read them all, and appreciate every bit of help you've sent my way. Thank you x

Oh, and finally (at long chuffing last I hear you all sigh), there is still time to sponsor me to run Race for Life!